PM Abiy said he was forced into war on 4 November. Well, perhaps

In PM Abiy’s explanation of how the war in Tigray erupted he laid the blame for the conflict on the TPLF. He said that it was the attack “in the early hours of November 4, 2020” by Tigrayan forces that sparked off the war. [See below.]

Now a rather different version of events has appeared. The Chief Commissioner of the Amhara Regional State Police, Abere Adamu, explained that preparations for the war had been under way for some time.

Commissioner Abere said that members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) armoured mechanized forces, stationed near Humera, had been ordered to “to face the enemy”.

Commissioner Abere revealed that Amhara regional state had “already done [its] homework,” and “deployment of forces had taken place in our borders from east to west. The war started that night after we have already completed our preparations,” he told an audience to several rounds of applause.

Clearly the Amhara militia and the Ethiopian National Defense Forces had moved forces into place well ahead of the events of 4 November.

This is rather different from the version of events given by PM Abiy.




  1. The killer #Dictator Abiy the victim Issac
    Totally he’s a liar

    1. This is hardly appropriate to characterise as Genocide. Did Debrezion was caught saying the are prepared to fight and win ? Interestingly, after all the fanfares and bragging – they were defeated with minimum civilian casualties.

      1. It is sad you belong to the new wave of Ethiopians who see war as a football game. Who cares if it took one day or three weeks and much more when your own people of Tigray origin are the subjects of a foreign army to be killed, persecuted, and looted in a barbarian way. You Ethiopians have turned your history to be one of the most primitive and short sighted people in the history of man kind. You enjoy on the misdeeds of your own Mothers and children, shame on you.

          1. War is not considered a moderate love neither a football game. This war to the TOLF is a self inflicted suffering as they did not hesitate to ignite. It has ended but what didn’t end is the post misery misery. TPLF killed and maimed several thousand Amharas in Maykadra as they evacuated to fly to the Sudan because they couldn’t sustain the reciprocal fire power that they themselves started. The houses they burnt and property they looted. Contrary to what you claim the remained members of the TPLF are not affected by the new Amhara government. It would be useful for you to rest your pen from writing insiting messages as it only help to expand the hate for the actions of TPLF perpetrated crimes during their 27 years of rule filled with genocide that even you didn’t object to at the time. We can’t forget both theirs and yours !

  2. eTHIOPIAN; If you believe this war does not cost you anything, we surely seeing it does and we surely believe that does not benefit you zero % at all for ever.
    We now are asking to all eTHIOPIANS to end or stop the genocides on TIGRAY and TIGRIANS !

  3. Dear Sir
    What were you expecting the PM to do just sit and wait until the revolting junta strike the Menelik palace in Addis Ababa. Indeed anyone who heard tv & radio broadcasts that came out of the TPLF headquarters was a clear and eminent threat although no one expected that its forces will strike on fellow federal forces who not only protected throughout the years but worked like farm horses in favor of Tigray farmers. You now gave the audacity to defend the indefensible junta which is absolutely defeated & crushed beyond return including yourself to never again set foot on Ethiopia.

  4. It is well known reality that TPLF was prepared for war since 3 years (soon after the leaders left Addis. In every occasions they ware showing military marches in all over Tigray. Their leaders were such as Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin was officially telling the Government couldn’t move any of EDNC military weapons from Tigray. So you mean, Abiy should show blind eye for this all offensive act of TPLF? If so, next time he will ask you advise when and how to prepare for counter measure.
    But you were writing about TPLF military capability (250, 000 paramilitary well armed… So where is that now). It is you who mislead TPLF and Abiy.

  5. Abiy Ahmed has no moral to defend the Tigray people. He is happy to see genocide in Tigray by Eritrean forces. As President Uhuru Kenyatta said Abiy is Idiot and Childish. UN stop genocide in Tigray.

  6. This is a typical attitude of authoritarian leaders. He convinces himself and trys to persuade the world he is truthful with his denials. Unfortunate for him, there are many intelligent people who know the results of 1+1

    We all knew it was inevitable for the war to start since he was accumulating all his military force around Tigray. We saw and heard his militaries travelling back and forth to Asmara. The 4th of November was a pretext given to him as a reward by the TPLF to execute the plan. I am aware the TPLF had no choice and they wanted to minimize the harm.

    1. I noted that you don’t follow chronology of events. FYI the TPLF ignored:
      – many court orders summons to present to the Federal authorities those accused for two + years
      – they abducted all federal defense forces that existed in Tigray
      – they looted federal weaponry including from Addis Ababa and transferred them to Tigray
      – they bragged throughout the two years on how they were going to make Tigray a burial ground of the fed forces if ever.
      – they attacked the sleeping after a hard day of fighting locust and helping Tigray farmers those colleagues of the defense forces that are non Tigray.

      The above are only a few facts for your information.
      What would you have done if you were a prime minister of Denmark or Norway. Leave your biases on the side and try to reason.

  7. Well,

    Does TPLF masaccared in mai-cadra the Amharas (it was a genocide) while TPLF have been attacked by Abiy, mr. plaut ?
    Does TPLF masaacred ethiopian soldiers, while TPLF is attacked by Abiy mr. Plaut ?

    Does TPLF massacred the Amharas in their own land for the last 30 years, while TPLF is attacked by who ever it is ?

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