Twenty one years after being jailed, Eritrea’s independent journalists are remembered in the British Parliament

On 18 September 2001 the Eritrean government banned all independent media outlets and incarcerated all but the most compliant journalists. They have never been tried, but have not been forgotten, even though their whereabouts are not known.

Only the Eritrean government’s own rigidly controlled media is allowed to operate. Now an exhibition is being staged in the British Parliament, to commemorate their work and their suffering.

The exhibition is being mounted by Eritrea Focus, PEN Eritrea and Amnesty International. Here the exhibition is going up, on the floor where the Parliament’s Committee room are located so that all parliamentarians will see them.

Eritrea's jailed journalist exhibition in the House of Commons






  1. Thank you that you are the voice for the voiceless.
    As an Eritrean I apritiate deeply from my heart.
    Thank you again.

    1. This is the least Eritrea Focus can do for the long suffering Eritrean people. Each of the prisoners in the exhibition represent another 1,000 Eritreans that have been languishing in prison cells (or shipping containers) for decades.

      Our people have suffered more in the hands of this brutal dictatorship compared to Hailemariam or Haileselase’s rule. What makes this dictatorship even worse is that Isaias and his cliques claim to be Eritreans.

      Our people will not rest until the brutal dictator and his handful of thugs are brought to justice and caged for good.

  2. Those who are feeling their brothers and sisters suffering, and exposing the brutal dictator heinous crime, jailing without any charges and due process of law are brave Eritreans. We also thanks to the British people and government for allowing to show this exhibition in their official building.

  3. This is most impressive. Would it be possible to send PDF copies of the exhibit for posting? We can make arrangements in Washington, DC, San Francisco and other locations. Please send me your answer ASAP.

    1. Dear John,

      Thank you for the comments – much appreciated.

      Happy to send PDF version of the images if you can please send your email address to:

      You may also be interested to know that plans are currently underway for the same exhibition to take place around the US in 2023. We would be especially interested to have an exhibition in DC around the US Congress. Anything you can do to help in this regard would be welcome.

      Happy to discuss further by email.

      Best wishes.


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