Eritrea – one of the least accessible countries for humanitarian organisations

Source: ACAPS


Eritrea continues to experience extreme access constraints. There is very limited humanitarian presence as the Government only allows a small number of NGOs to operate in the country.

In accordance with Proclamation No.145/2005, the few organisations present in Eritrea can only implement programmes in partnership with government entities.

The Government also places more emphasis on development programmes, restricting the kind of projects these organisations can offer. The Government implements movement restrictions within the country, requiring official permission for anyone seeking to travel from one region to another. This restriction affects both the access of people in need to assistance and the access of humanitarian staff to people in need.

Checkpoints located countrywide require travel permits and identification documents to confirm that travellers have the authorisation to travel. Some areas, like Adi Keyh, Agordat, Arezza, Barentu, Dekemhare, Ghinda, and Nakfa towns and the stretch between Setit and Mereb Rivers, are contaminated with landmines that also limit people’s movement.

The Eritrean telecommunications sector is underdeveloped, partly because of a monopoly in telephone service provision and limited investment in the sector. Landline, mobile phone, and internet networks are unreliable and often limited to a few hours of service a day in major cities.

The Government also controls the issuance of SIM cards. Some rural areas are inaccessible by road and can only be accessed by foot, camel, or donkey. Limited telecommunication services and the absence of road networks in these areas lead people in need to walk typically long distances to facilities with telephones to receive information about upcoming humanitarian programmes, such as health interventions.


    1. My sincere prayer would be for the might God to take the evil man in Asmara to the special place reserved for him in hell.

      Only then will the Eritrean people be free to live a normal life. Do the basic things in life; go to school of their choice, live freely in the country, work to earn a living and provide food for their family, practice their faith freely without being told which God to worship etc.

      Under this mad and brain dead leadership, Eritrea has become deliberately the land of “zero”. Where nothing meaningful happens and what was there before gets systemically destroyed.

      Our problem can only be cured by an act of God.

      Your prayers for the Eritrean people, K Terry Brown, is much appreciated. Let’s hope God acts upon your prayer in 2023 and free the people of Eritrea from tyranny.

      There can never ever be peace in Eritrea and the region at large while Isaias is around. He is the master of mayhem and destruction. That is hobby and doesn’t care how many people are killed. He is a dictator of the worst kind the world has not seen in the last 70 years.

      May God save the Eritrean people from this mad man.

  1. I stand together with you in this prayer for demonic chains to be broken and the Eritrean people to be freed from the evil oppression perpetrated by this coward Isaias Afewenki. Unless he has an Ebenezer Scrooge transformation, his eternal home is hell, and it is waiting for him in 2023!

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