Britain is “concerned by involvement of Eritrean forces in hostilities throughout Tigray”

Source: UK Parliament – House of Lords – Lord Alton

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, has provided the following answer to your written parliamentary question (HL13340):

To ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the reports that the government of Ethiopia has transferred military equipment and money to the government of Eritrea in exchange for the engagement of Eritrean soldiers in Tigray. (HL13340)

Tabled on: 22 February 2021

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon:

We are concerned by involvement of Eritrean forces in hostilities throughout the Tigray region of Ethiopia and the growing weight of credible evidence of their involvement in human rights violations. The Minister for Africa has called for their immediate withdrawal, as they are fuelling the conflict. However, we are unable to verify reports that this includes the transfer of military equipment and money by the Government of Ethiopia to the Government of Eritrea. We have raised our concerns with Ministers in both governments, making clear the overriding need to protect civilians and adhere to international law and international human rights law.

Date and time of answer: 09 Mar 2021 at 16:24.


  1. Dear sir/Madam,
    War in Tigray : it is extremely that has been committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, further more according to different horrors of vidios killings of youth civilians , thousands of women and girls raping , slaughtering children’s in their homes, streets just no need any questions to verify what is happening there “Lawlessness and genocide “
    Besides , Tigray is not still a country but region has its own historical territory and it has its own regional independent constitution while its governed under the federal constitution that never allow multiple soldiers eitherfrom other regions or anywhere not permitted forcefully to attack the region. But above all Tigray is invaded by multiple foreign soldiers are committed genocide externally. For example , I would pose one critical question , #United State of American has many independent states as a federal , and New-York state is one of may regional states , so if probably “ New-York states disagree “ with Washington administration ? If not probably solved by discussion , Can Washington DC Or the government of USA invited Canadian government to deploy its soldiers to attack his own people New-York regional State ? ?? On my believe, it should not be done at all . However , what has been done in Ethiopia is like that . Unelected Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia invited multiple domestic and foreign soldiers to attack Tigray and has committed “ war crimes and genocide “ so the question here is that where is # UN ? UNSC ? According to its Pilars for peace and security?

  2. Britons, thanks for your through follow up on the hidden agendas of the #tigrepeople #genocide. This is a support not only for the suffering #tigrepeople, but to the majority of Ethiopians – the long time marginalized ethinicities – too.

    There is rumor that lots of GOLD has been transfered. Look into that too.

    A somali-ethiopian

    #tigray #ethiopia #tplf #abiyahmed #tesfagiorgis #biden #eu #england #martinplaut #africa #usa #middleeast #addisstandard #eritereahub #ethiopiainsight #tigrepeople #amhara #somali-ethiopians

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