Eritrean Christians Seek Forgiveness from their counterparts in Tigray

Source: Release Eritrea

(London 09/03/2021) In response to calls from Eritrean evangelicals and Pentecostals, last weekend, Release Eritrea conducted a well received meeting of notable Eritrean Christians from the US, Europe and Africa to discuss how the Eritrean Christians should respond to the conflict in Tigray. Participants of the meeting heard first-hand and touching testimonies of fellow believers whose family members have been killed and arrested in the conflict that is said to be on-going despite governmental declaration of its conclusion a couple of months back. Tigrayan believers also told us that some of the actions taken by Eritrean and Ethiopian believers felt like acid being poured into their festering wounds. These testimonies were followed by an in-depth discussion to develop an action plan to support the church in Tigray, spiritually and practically. At the end of the meeting participants agreed the following points.

Firstly on behalf of all Eritrean Christians of good-will participants implore on the church and people of Tigray to forgive the people of Eritrea and show mercy for the barbaric war crimes and crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated on the people of Tigray including innocent children, young girls, women and elderly who have been subjected to rapes, starvation, indiscriminant shelling and bombings as well as extensive desecration and lootings of households and institutions, including historical religious institutions.  Eritrean Christians affirmed that they would fully support the legal processes that they hoped would ensue in due course and also pledged that they would stand with the people to rebuild Tigray when the time comes.

Secondly, the gathering has made plans to create an opportunity for a wider reconciliation gathering among Tigraian and Eritrean believers and will also be making preparations for a fundraising to support the humanitarian needs that the Churches in Tigray are setting up to meet.

For its part Release Eritrea will be extending its Intercession, advocacy and practical assistance mission to cover Tigray and will collaborate with Tigrayan believers to set these up over the coming weeks.

Rev. Dr Berhane Asmelash, director of Release Eritrea said ‘we believe as Christians our mission should be to extend our hands and heart, in the name of Jesus, to meet the needs of all human beings, I am honoured to be leading brothers and sisters in delivering this important mission that will not only meet urgent needs now but will contribute to the reconciliation across the two brotherly people too’.

Release Eritrea calls on all Eritreans and friends of Eritrea to support them in this extended mission to serve the suffering churches of Eritrea and Tigray.


Release Eritrea is a human rights charity registered in the UK and has been providing intercession, advocacy and practical support to the underground church in Eritrea since the persecution of Christians started in 2002.


  1. ኣምላኽ ዘመን ዕርቅን ሰላምን ብልጽግናን የምጽኣልና። ነዚ ተበግሶ ዝወሰድኩም ረሊዝ ኤሪትራ ምናዳ ዶክተር ብርሃነ ኣምላኽ ብነገር ኩሉ ምሳኻ ይኹን፡ ኣቦ ውጹዓት፣ ግፉዓትን ድኻታትን ብምዃን ኣብ ታሪኽ ቤ/ክ ፍሉይ ኣርኣያ ኢኻ።

    ዮሴፍ (ጆሲ)

  2. It is unbearable to see the Ethiopian Defense force (in this case) handling the dead as if they are rats. The words they use are so inhuman… Shoot him, finish him…do not waste ammunition, throw him more in to the ravin….. etc. This is worse than what we have seen before anywhere at any measure. I did not sleep, I can not eat but who am I, what these young people have suffered is beyond any of my basic needs, I am still crying. If you can and if you have Facebook look at it and react. I am sure we will see more.

  3. Forgiveness and love is the first step to securing justice for Tigrayan community against Eritrean thugs and murderers.

  4. This is very Good idea from the beginning this shouldn’t happen but this two evils make it as Eritrean i am very shame for what is happening in Tigray and i am praying for it. And thankyou for this platform

  5. Reconciliation is good but work on the immediate exits Isayyaas’s killing squads from Tigray and Oromia.

  6. Religion standing for human rights! This is what religions ( all ) were meant to stand for in the first place. I hope it serves healings for the sufferring #tigrepeople. All other religions should follow this good example.

    Thanks for pointing the just from the unjust. Keep on the good work.



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    1. Well done, Sir and all around this initiative. May God bless your efforts. May the Lord strengthen the heart of the Tigrian people. Thank you all good meaning caring Eritrean brothers and sisters. Evil deeds would not succeed to implant enmity among these two brotherly people any more in Jesus name.

  7. This is really the best healing method to the wound that has been/is being perpetrated upon our brotherly Tigrayans. I appreciate the bold measure Release Eritrea is taking to bring the growing polarization to an end.

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