USA tells PM Abiy – end Tigray fighting and open dialogue; concern for refugees and civilians

Source: US State Department

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo spoke with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today regarding the conflict in Tigray.

Secretary Pompeo took note of the Government of Ethiopia’s November 28 announcement of the end of major military operations, but reiterated the United States’ grave concern regarding ongoing hostilities and the risks the conflict poses.

The Secretary called for a complete end to the fighting and constructive dialogue to resolve the crisis.

He stressed the willingness of the United States, the African Union envoys and other international partners to assist in dialogue and reconciliation.

The Secretary underscored the importance of protecting civilians from further harm, including refugees and civilians fleeing the conflict into Sudan, and allowing international humanitarian organizations access to the Tigray region to ensure the unhindered flow of humanitarian assistance to those in need.

He urged the Government of Ethiopia to ensure respect for human rights of Tigrayans and all ethnic groups.

Secretary Pompeo highlighted the United States’ strong partnership with Ethiopia, our continued support for Ethiopia’s historic reform agenda, and the importance of Ethiopia’s role in promoting prosperity and stability on the Horn of Africa.


  1. There is a racial arrogance in whites that places in their minds the delusion that they are the parents and black people are the children. Ethiopia has never tried to parent US foreign policy, nor raise concerns about even the murder of black people in the USA. When tanks paraded the streets of Harlem to crush the Black Panthers no African country called the US to book. I hope Pompeo the white father was told to fcuk off in the most diplomatic way.

  2. E. H. Please stop spreading lies. The war is ended the country get a moment of peace after the cancer TPLF removed. The snake may wake up sometime in the future unless its head is removed. Thanks USA for your support. Ethiopia need peace and developmen.

    1. You should listen only to colonel Abiy if you only want to hear the war is ended.

      EH is providing good service to those who want to know what the world is saying. If the war is ended every body will be happy. Unfortunately the war will not end because colonel Abiy says so. The war ends only if all warring parts stop fighting. This is unlikely in a country with a leader that preaches peace but is a leader of killing PP which is creating fighting through out Ethiopia.

  3. he also said ‘Ethiopia’s historic reform agenda, and the importance of Ethiopia’s role in promoting prosperity and stability on the Horn of Africa’ which means he support Dr.Abiy that’s what count.

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