BREAKING: Eritrean Refugees in UNHCR camp in Tigray being forcibly returned to Eritrea

The following has been learned via a reliable source, but there is no further information at present.

UNHCR are checking the news, but can not presently comment on the information.

“The Eritrean military is in control of Shimelba camp and  is preparing to send large numbers of its residents to Eritrea for punishment.

They have destroyed all UNHCR records, and have seized all medicines.

Some of the residents have escaped to Humera camp.”

The United Nations refugee chief Filippo Grandi said on Sunday that he is very concerned about the fate of nearly 100,000 Eritrean refugees there amid reports that some have been abducted.

If confirmed, such treatment of refugees in camps close to the Tigray border with Eritrea “would be major violations of international norms,” Filippo Grandi told reporters.

“It is my strong appeal for the prime minister of Ethiopia for this situation to be addressed as a matter of urgency.”

UNHCR 30 Nov 2020


  1. I don’t think so, my you have to see further analysis up onriality since we are looking every thing is going under control from real report even from Prime Minister.

    1. Before, it’s too late Abby must call for unification of the country otherwise, Ethiopia will not be the same.

    1. We don’t care about each other so why they would care about Africans the western Governments have plans for Africans modern colonialism so if African don’t about themselves nobody would in fact it’s in their best interests to keep Africa distabilised

  2. All of you the so called Democratical Countries from the west,you are accountable of the Eritrean refugy massacre.The same what happened in Ruanda.
    And what is doing Abey to his Tygraian people.
    UN,is an old Lion who roars and never mords,as Gold Mier said once.
    We don’t want, tomorrow to hear your allmighty words ( saying, this and that )
    You say,Human right,International right etc.
    When people in Africa are massacred,no body cares. But,when in Hong Kong, there is a very small problem comparing in Africa ( because of your interest ,Economy,and Geopolitical Interst,all your media are out of their orbit.)
    But remember,one day will come.

    1. It’s sad as the old saying that the man who stole your cow will help you to find it so don’t expect the westerns will be there when it needs them

  3. The international community is game watcher who doesn’t interference into internal affairs of countries. It is the responsibility of own citizens to handle their issues. Ethiopia has done the same. Caring for people yes but not because the outsiders shout but because the affected country has the responsibility.

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