US Congress to hear evidence regarding Ethiopia’s Tigray war on Thursday

On December 3 at 2:00 Eastern, by the House Subcommittee on Africa and Human Rights will be holding a hearing on the unfolding situation in Ethiopia.

This will be an opportunity for experts and witnesses to inform the US Congress of what is taking place.

It comes after the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, took a much tougher stance towards Prime Minister Abiy and the conflict.


  1. Dear all stakeholders,
    There are shameful things happened in Ethiopia since October 2018 to still now. But the concerns of the Western or developed nations like USA & other are more focused on how to sell their weapons rather than providing critical solutions. We will see the outcome of this discussion into two ways: media news and real solutions!!!

  2. Blocking land road, blocking air flights, bombing electrical dam, cutting telephone lines, disconnecting Internet lines, blocking importing medication, specially people with cronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and so on, surroundings four sides of the state by military army not to escap or just searching for food from negbouring states, is absolute genocide. Tigray is blocked from every human needs for one full month. On the tope of these, air strike, from UAE, Eritrean force’s, Amhara special force, Amaras Fanos, and the whole Ethiopian special forces and the highly armed military force, for one small minority state with only 5million of population. I hope America, International human rights, Amnesty international will do you research independently, and I hope the Ethiopian human right leader will not involving in this research, as he was a member of Kinigit, in the last few years ago and due to the horrified conflict in the country, he was in jail in times of PM Melds Zenawi, and now he is siding the prime minister as he appoints him to have the possion where he is acting as leader of human rights office in Ethiopia. Thanks for giving attention for this horrific genocide in Ethiopia. Please Food for the Hungary, shelter for the displaced Tegaru.

  3. I am an OROMOO who was severely victimized by TPLF LEADERSHIP saying from barring us from all opportunities to live as human beings , fabricated prosecution, personal persecution, harassment, extra judicial killing, choreographed disappearance, Mass killings, MASS EXPULSION from the jobs , ETHNIC profiling, etc . Despite all these pains & deep grievances on me with holdings two separate second degrees, I vehemently oppose the ongoing senseless & ugly CIVILWAR especially launched allegedly NORTHERN COMMAND attacks by ABIY AHMED ALI ADMINISTRATION to use this opportunity to destroy his strong rivals & neutralize their organization that would help him come to #2021 ELECTION as single-handed competent. I therefore strong advise #USA FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE to take strong pressure to bring back this PATHOLOGICAL LIAR to smooth track on transition where gradually proper Democratic values & system would be emerged

  4. Tigray has been rocked by the bloody fighting since November 4, 2020 when Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced the launch of military operations against the regional government, though the pandemic is raging throughout the world, in order to extend Abiy’s unconstitutional time in office.
    Abiy launched an assault on Tigray to capture its democratically elected leaders, planned a surprise attack but foiled by the regional forces stationed in the region. There have been government-mandated bombings in the capital of Tigrai, Mekelle, including some near a church and university. According to humanitarian sources, scores of people have been killed or injured from the bombings. Hundreds of people are reported to have been killed by these unfortunate clashes, while the UN estimates more Than 47,000 refugees have fled to neighboring Sudan including an estimated 12,000 children. As an American Tigreans I am hurt when I witness injustice committed against my own people as I feel the pain as it if it was inflicted on us personally. Something has to be done to stop this mad man.

  5. No words to express my deepest concern and worry about what is happening in Tigray, Ethiopia. These people had nothing wrong except the elect their leaders to keep their democratic rights and leave in peace. Because, there is no one in Ethiopia who knows how devastating war is and what it does except Tigray. The Tigray people have sacrificed more than 60,000 of their people and injured thousands more to reach what they were until this Prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, came to power in 2018.
    This prime minister has blocked all basic human necessities-food, water, electricity, medication and medical supplies, internet, telephone services, access to banks for a month and bombing innocent civilians in churches, universities, historic places that caused causalities that include children, elderly, women even pregnant women. What is happening is heartbreaking and difficult to mention. He is doing all this inhuman acts in collaboration with the Eriterian government, Somali government and drones from UAE added to his federal defences force, Amhara special force, amhara militia and amhara Fano who are nocking civilian doors kill people and destroy and loot Tigrian owned properties.

    The Prime minister is doing all this evil acts in the dark by blocking all humanitarian services and access to humanitarian aids. The federal forces are blocking the Tigray people from fleeing to Sudan so that they will not get food and shelter to survive. The Tigray women are being raped and killed by the federal defences forces.

    The Prime minister is conducting ethnicity cleansing using a sord sharpened in all edges. I here by urge the international community to work hard in stopping this despicable inhuman act by the government of Ethiopia. Please stand with the remaining people of Tigray and say enough is enough to the “NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER”!!! STOP THE WAR AND STOP GENOCIDE IN TIGRAY!!!YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER AND PLEASE USE IT AND HELP THE HARD WORKING AND PEACE LOVING PEOPLE OF TIGRAY!

  6. Urgent Help

    As you are aware, there is huge humanitarian crises in Ethiopia’s northern region Tigray. People are fleeing to neighboring Sudan in tens of thousands.

    The situation in the ground is dire but what is exacerbating the problem is the fact that the Ethiopian federal government troops are capturing these desperately fleeing people on the border and returning them back to the war torn region Tigray to die and get no help whatsoever as little to no help is available in this region as the central government blocked supply chains of badly needed medical and food help to this region-in addition all communication channels are cut out in Tigray and hence no logistics of medical and food supplies are being administered in there at this point.

    We ask UNHCR to put pressure on the federal government of Ethiopia to stop blocking these refugees from entering Sudan where they can access the help rendered by UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations.

  7. There are four refugee camps in Ethiopia for Eritrean refugees. There are about 100,000 refugees whose lives are at risk due to this war and they are subject to human right violation, kidnapping by the Eritrean dictator military force, hunger, and muck of medical attention. Although The Prime Minister of Ethiopia and it has been saying that he does not want any foreign interference as he conduct his internal operations to uphold the rule of law, he has been helped by so many forces around the area and mainly by the Eritrean dictator government. This war is a genocide against the two great people and it’s harming innocent civilians. Although we appreciate the house subcommittee on Africa and human rights for their initiatives to conduct this hearing, we are concerned that there is Underrepresentation of witnesses. We urge for inclusion of voices from the affected communities as well as other concerned parties with evidence. Aby Ahmed of Ethiopia and Isias Afwerki are responsible for the bloodshed of innocent civilians, the destruction of infrastructure, migration and displacement of thousands of civilians including children, elderlies, and women. It’s no secret that human crisis is at its pick because of this war. Aby Ahmed has deceived the world. #factcheckAbyAhmed 

    Aby Ahmed of Ethiopia and Isias Afwerki of Eritrea must be held accountable for their actions and brought into the international court of justices for human violations and crime against humanity.

    As you have been in the right side of history advocating and fighting for human rights, I urge you to speak on behalf of the innocent civilians in Tigray and Eritrean refugees.

  8. the development occured recently in ethiopia caused by tplf concerned all the neighbor countries and the solution is displacing tplf from the politics of east africa because of
    * attacking federal troops camped in tigray
    * attempt of pulling eritrea to to form a regional conflict by firing rockets to civilian residence in eritrea
    *accusing the involvement of eritrea with out evidence
    *arming to under ages and pushing to death

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