Update from Adi Harush refugee camp – attempts to cut their communications

On Monday (December 21, 2020)  at around 8:00 pm Ethiopian time, five unknown assailants ( two  uniformed and three in civilian clothing), entered the Adi Harush camp.

Refugees were charging their cellphones. The attackers threaten to shoot them if they moved and then went around demanding that they hand over their cellphones. In total around 180 cellphones were confiscated by the attackers.

The phones are a critically important resource, linking the refugees with their friends and families. It also allows them to reach the outside world, explaining the ordeal they are having to live through.

The refugees are not allowed to leave the camp and the gate is closed. They are feel very insecure and say they are in grave danger.

Gun fights break out around the camp and the Federal Government cannot claim that they have full control of the  area around Adi Harush.



  1. Heart breaking our people in the camps and in Tigrai in general have to experience such cruelty which is the creation of sadist IA.

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