Melles Zenawi’s daughter arrested – and then released in Tigray

Source: Africa ExPress

[Note: Google translation from Italian]

Ethiopia, ethnic cleansing strikes again: Melles Zenawi’s daughter arrested and released in Tigray

Special for Africa ExPress
Massimo A. Alberizzi
21 December 2020

The phone call from Ethiopia comes suddenly . The voice on the other side is excited: “They arrested her! They arrested her! And now he is dying ”. Semhal Melles Zenawi, daughter of the Ethiopian architect, born after the fall of the communist military regime of Mengistu Hailé Mariam, is now in prison.

Semhal Melles Zenawi, ended up in prison in Makallé, the capital of Tigray

Our interlocutor can barely utter other short words: “She was arrested by the military at 1 am while she was in Makalle (the capital of Tigray, ed). They broke down the door of her accommodation and dragged her away: but she was there to participate in a demonstration in memory of her father and she had not been able to return (to Addis Ababa, ed) due to the ongoing war ”. Then the communication was interrupted and it was impossible to reestablish it for more information. Only later did a message inform Africa ExPress that the girl was released at 9pm.

Semhal Melles Zenawi is 32 years old and somehow took the political legacy of his father, Melles Zenawi, who died in a clinic in Brussels in August 2012. Melles was a visionary who dreamed of a democratic and developed Ethiopia. Perhaps the only true statesman (of course, excluding Nelson Mandela) who has known Africa. He managed to go from a guerrilla leader to a shrewd and thoughtful politician. His liberal policy has now broken against the ethnic and tribal selfishness that emerged tragically with the fratricidal war unleashed by his successor Aby Ahmed, Nobel Peace Prize 2019.


  1. Aby Ahmed not only lies he covers up evil. He is definitely not Peace Prize material. God save Ethiopia and Eritrea!

  2. Abiy Ahmed ali is absolutely reckless n insane person. law and order enforcement in Ethiopia is killing children’s.women’s,raping and looting by invited foreigner troops but Ethiopia refused to involve humanitarian rights,united nations and independent journalist.abiy Ahmed alis is 12century dictator.

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