UN Children’s Fund classifies Eritrean children as Africa’s most malnourished

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Source: UNICEF Report

Eritrea drought, malnutrition and choleraThis is truly shocking.

UNICEF has classified over 60% of Eritrean children under 5 as being “stunted, wasted or underweight.” To put it bluntly – they are close to starvation.

  • Worse than children in Zimbabwe, where half the population are going hungry.
  • Worse than South Sudan, where children are suffering from years of civil war, and just one MSF hospital received 1,000 malnourished children in 2019.
  • Worse than Mozambique, struggling to recover from hurricanes and conflict.


Any self-respecting government would resign if UNICEF produced a report showing this level of suffering.

But President Isaias Afwerki does nothing: all is well. Just keep quiet about the reality of childhood malnutrition.








  1. Is that the real data UN reported ? It is very shocking with special reference to the comparison reveal that the Ethiopian case and Somalian. In the past year we have been hear and seen nutrition status data of the Ethiopian case is revers. If this data is faithful all Ethiopian and all concerned African’s expected to act soon; call for state of Emergency since it become as epidemic level. From today onward, I promised to act
    making available the shortcut potential as well as easily applied possible solution what we have in hand at local and national level in then mobilize resource required{ cash; food. processing technology etc …) from the place adequately available to the other; it may seem a false talk but in real case it needs commitment and eye opening to watch ; proper observation and proper suggestion having in mind that not to give a separate solution for urgent and for sustainable case/ see the complementary action also always seeing paracetamol for headache’
    thank you for your feed back and promise keeping privacy issue .
    adane from Ehiopia , SNNPR

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