The new US travel ban on Eritreans explained

This is an explanation from  Eritrean Law Society of the USA travel ban on Eritrea enacted by President Trump.

It should be helpful. See it here: US Travel Ban Explained

The official US announcement is here.





  1. Hello dear

    My name is Yonathan Ghebremeskel Debretsion. Was born in Asmara, 1-Sep-1992. I have Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering form EIT (Eritrean Institute of Technology) in 2016, focus on deloping educational softwares for kids in kindergarten and primary schools. I’m Eritrean, was announced im selected for DV lottery 2020 process back in May 7,2019. After hearing a great News that seemed to change my life, i had to take a risk to get out Eritrea(due to known reasons) so i can get my Refugee travel document (refugee passport) from Ethiopia UNHCR office facing life and death
    situation. Luckily God made that happen, i arrived Ethiopia. But now the new travel ban ordered by president Donald Trump suddenly destroyed my hope aswel as my life. Because im one of the victims, and make my life harder than anyone elses, because i came here with a hope that i will be part of the USA family soon. Plus i don’t have any opportunity to settle here in Ethiopia as a refugee.

    So im currently in Ethiopia with my full Refugee status and im applying my visa using refugee travel document issued by UNHCR office and Ethiopian immigration office.

    1. Is it fair to ban the Eritrean DV selectee, with full Refugee status and with their process is in progress at KCC.
    2. What do you think i should do to make the USICS aware that cases like mine exist?
    3. Is there anything else i can do to proceed with my DV lottery process smoothly?

    Please help me and my friends with the same case.

    Thank you for your help.

    1. I have heard similar situation.. as a fellow eritrean I suggest you hire a lawyer and take action..since u filled out for the Dv before the ban came I dont think they have the right to denie your visa.

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