Tigray press release: “Northern Army Command stands with the people”

English version of a Tigray Regional government press release:

Northern Command stands by Tigray, to oppose Colonel Abiy

#Mekelle- 4 November 2020 (#DW-TV) – The government of Tigray National Regional State expressed that commanders and members of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force decided to stand by the people and government of Tigray, opposing the authoritarian regime at the center.

The statement indicated that the dictatorial and authoritarian regime has been and is still relentlessly working in collaboration with external forces to subdue the people of Tigray and this is a treason.

As to the statement, the people of Tigray are being continuously attacked for having held the historic elections along with preventing Covid-19, which is their constitutional right to self-determination.

Moreover, the illegitimate group led by Colonel Abiy Ahmed recently ordered the National Defense Force across the nation to be ready and move to conquer Tigray, to be forced it into submission.

According to the statement, the dictatorial regime at Addis Ababa is taking such measures, having given a deaf ear to the repeated calls by TPLF, the government and people of Tigray to an all-inclusive political dialogue as a solution for their political differences.

As a result, the government of Tigray Regional State has decided to work in collaboration with commanders and members of Northern Command to oppose and avoid the worst possible scenario by this authoritarian and dictatorial regime.

Hence, the following decisions are made to be applied as of today

1. Any movement of National Defense Force within Tigray and to Tigray is strictly prohibited

2. Any Air transport to Tigray is forbidden. And there would be proportional measure to any trial to attack our people or damage property with war planes.

3. Other commanders and members of the National Defense Force across the nation should make the same historic decision as that of the Northern Command and stand by their people to save the country by opposing Colonel Abiy’s regime.

4. There will not be no transport service in Tigray region.


  1. I encourage Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to organize a peaceful meeting with TPLF movement, and solve the matter peacefully . There is no need to ascalate war between Federal Government and Tigray state . The peaceful resolution taking undeconsideration the interests of Tigray people will end this crisis . No need for fight !

  2. I encourage Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to organize a peaceful meeting with TPLF movement, and solve the matter peacefully . There is no need to ascalate war between Federal Government and Tigray state . The peaceful resolution taking undeconsideration the interests of Tigray people will end this crisis . No need for fight ! Please don’t move into full-fledged War.

  3. The “TPLF” old gangsters are ready to sacrifice the innovent jang Tigrayans to survive theyr 27 years commoted crime in their govrnmental time.D’ont forget haw mister Aby comes at power ,and d’ont forget that TPLF gangsters first trayed to asassinate Aby and since then gazered intheyr tigray” refiugium” mayking trables strue theyr agents to seed inseluriti in breit the hole nation.and at the end this futil drama.vor what??

  4. All political prisoners must be free like eskender nega (I am certain that he is real politician he by no means is or will not be a terrorist even the word is unfit to his personality ) Bekele Gerba Jewar mohammed and the others. I think it was the turning point from noble pease pri… to…..

  5. Peace was never the option for TPLF. As P.M doctor abiy said, War cannot be avoided only from one side. He tried to negotiate peacefully but TPLF denied. Using Power to stablize peace is the final option and it is being done at the right time. This is the reality. #DR_ABIY_MUST_LEAD

  6. This is pure nonsense, the northern army command stands with the Ethiopian people and the legitimate government of prime minister dr. Abiy Ahmed. This is a desperate political propaganda to try and save face. Already many of the region’s militia has been surrendering and fleeing towards the Amhara region, where the government has promised to grant them refuge and immunity.

    On the other hand armed forces of the TPLF and OLF terror groups have been apprehended in the Gambela and Benshangul regions while attempting to commit another attack, like the one that took place in Guliso in the Amhara region.

    TPLF’s blood soaked authoritarian rule that has oppressed the people of Tigray for more than three decades is about to come to an abrupt end.

  7. It’s a shame to see brother killing brother, The Tplf people, come to your sense ,please leave as good history..to be proud of. The Tigrai people don’t deserve war ,not killing,not losing their young ones neither the poor fellow Ethiopians, what you the past generation should do is to come to your sense and build the country,build school for the young Tigrian youth and help them live aspire a better life…think of your kids abroad who are enjoying their youth… leave us alone we are poor we need bread not war
    Dr.Abye at least speaks love…plant trees and give bread for the needy …who cares if he stays forever in power…
    Please πŸ™ leave us alone

  8. I pray that the situation is back to normal. The region needs a stronger united Ethiopia. War is definitely not a good thing no matter where. We see the bad nature of it in South Sudan, Yemen and Myanmar. It’s the civilians that suffer. Politicians should maximize negotiation as the only option.

  9. I am not an Ethiopian but an African and an ardent follower of Ethiopian Politics. I feel pain when i see an African killing an african. War is not good for Ethiopia, war is not good for africa and war is not good for humanity. Brother we a africans, negotiate at all costs.

  10. I am not Ethiopian, but my wife is. I feel so bad to watch another war erupting in the Horn of Africa. War is the last thing that Ethiopia needs. Ethiopia needs peace in order to prosper and bring it’s big population out of poverty.
    I am shocked to see a Nobel Prize winner ordering his army to attack his own people no matter what his reasons are!
    If he could make peace with Isaias Afwerki, one of the most brutal dictators of our time, prime minister Ahmed should be able for sure to make peace with his own people.

  11. Please stop war among brothers and sisters, no one will benefit from this nonsense war.
    Ethiopia , especially Tigray had enough meaningless wars in the past, mothers shouldn’t continue crying because of the lost of lives. International communities should intervene and work to save lives.

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