Tigray Defense Forces warns people in Amhara not to fire on them, promises not to attack or disarm them

Source: TMH

Statement of Tigray Defense Forces

Tigray Defense Forces, in areas of the Amhara region which it has mobilized, i.e. Sekota, Kobo and Woldia, has received the full cooperation of the local people and has intensified its military operations.
In addition, in areas of the Afar [region] too where the Tigray Defense Forces is operating, it is receiving similar cooperation from brotherly people of Afar and has intensified its military operation.

We would like to notify those peoples living in areas of Amhara and Afar regions where Tigray Defense forces is operating that the personal weapons which you had acquired previously or had been given by the government, will remain yours. No force will take them away from you. Therefore:-
1. keep the arms in your homes
2. you should never shoot at Tigray Defense Forces

We would like to notify you that so long as you do these 2 things, Tigray Defense Forces  will not disarm you.

Tigray Defense Forces

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