Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s statement describing Tigray’s elected government as a “cancer” or “weeds” to be uprooted

Prime Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia – Statement

Source: PM Abiy Tweet

The enemy we have faced is one which is a cancer for Ethiopia. The Junta is perhaps the only group in history which has used the political power it has obtained to destroy its own country. Just like the saying ‘the demon that has lived with you [for a long time] won’t be exorcised easily’, it will inevitably fight [frantically] to the left and to the right.

But surely the Junta will be uprooted in a manner that ensures it won’t grow up again.

This can only happen if we rally together to uproot the ‘Inboch’. [weeds]  In the process [of the struggle] individuals may make mistakes here and there. Information which may cause distractions may be heard [may leak]. Though we may be one in our goal, debates over strategies may occur.

However, this will not prevent us from achieving our goal. The children of Ethiopia have risen up from the four corners to reverse the plan of the Junta. This in itself is victory. The children of Ethiopia have identified who their enemy is. They also know what they would have to do to him [the enemy]. And they will do it.

The forces which are scared of this unity of ours will do everything that they think will cause division [among us].  They will conspire to make us shift our eye of might from them to our very own brethren. We will never do that.

The unity we have created now is one which has destroyed the ancient conspiracy of the Junta and which, up next, will destroy the owner of the conspiracy, and finally will rejuvenate the country which is conspired upon.

Our [national] defense forces and regional forces are taking the appropriate positions. There may be provocations to disturb that. For that [provocation], befitting response will be given while [at the same time] respecting the ceasefire which we have promised to ourselves.

We have a secure plan regarding what, why, how, where and when we are to do it. Friends and foes shall see its outcome very soon. When it becomes necessary, our army is prepared for a hands-on-mouth [awe provoking] mission.

We will work in a manner that ensures that the weed is uprooted. But when uprooting the weed, we will take all the precautions possible not to damage the wheat.

In our country, weeds are uprooted as a team. Ethiopia and her children are doing [just] that too.

May Ethiopia live forever honored and respected by the labors of her children!

May the Creator bless Ethiopia and her peoples!




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