The Tragedy of Adigrat

It has been impossible to get hard evidence of what has taken place in the Tigrayan town of Adigrat, but it is clear that something terrible has happened. I am now starting to collect evidence of what took place.

If anyone would like to share what they know, I will post it. Photographs would be very helpful.

And if any of the information is inaccurate, please let me know.

This is from a commentator on Eritrea Hub, Haddush Gebremedhin:

“We all know, the Eritrean security forces are inside Tigray killing civilians & international refugees, looting and destroying private and public infrastructure. Let alone from my hometown Adigrat, more than 150 civilians was massacred in a single day while celebrating an annual holiday @Marim Dengelat St. merry church 20 kms away from Adigrat. Today, all Adigrat university, Addis Pharmaceutical Factory, Adigrat General hospital, Wukro General hospital, Saba Leather Factory are looted and destroyed by Eritrean security forces, imagine the 10s thousand of employees left without job. This is just from my hometown, similar circumstances are evident throughout Tigray.”




  1. Heartly thanks very much Martin plaut. For your voice for the voiceless people of Tigray in this very hard time for Tigrean. The problem is really it is difficult to say and it is more than what you wrote it . I can not hear and see ever in my life what is happening in Tigray by The Eritrean forces (Essayas afeworki ) plan was just it is revenge and the people of Tigray to put back 40 to 50 years. What I hear from one Tigrean from hawzien town that the Eritrean forces told him that it is because of Meles and TPLF Eritrean can not developed for the last 20 years and ,” as aresult we will revenge that he we will back Tigray to 40 years back “. this what I hear that from this guy. And it is really sad many peoples are killied daily , Raped and looting its property (private and government ) by Eritrean, Amhara and Ethiopian forces.

  2. Thank you so much Martin. Everything is blocked in Adigrat. I couldn’t talk to my family. I am stressed a lot, I couldn’t follow my study.

  3. Thank you so much for being the voice of the victims in tigray and i am so glad to express my deepest gratitude & respect to you. When the internet and the comunication access is fully open all the international community will know all the heart breaking abuses of human right including the looting and destruction of many civillian properties and govermental institutions commited by the Eritrian troops ( which call it as revenge for that past 20 years) and also done by Amhara special force and miltia(fano) especially in western tigray like humera. Here is one of the heart breaking event happend in village between adigrat and edagahamus which is specfically called “Biete haweryat”. “when eritrian troops entered to village a hundreds of thier soldiers was killed by tigray forces due to the war and finally the tigray forces leave that villge and changes the thier stategic place, at that time the eritrian forces asked the villages civillian (young men) to digg a grave and collect the deads of thier troop, finally when they finished they shot on those civillians who was helped them and dead about 19 people including 3 member of one familly”. This is a sample of the tragedies happened in all of tigray in the past 50 days. Tigrians life matter, stop the genocide on tigray, stop the revenge war on tigray people!!!!!

  4. Thank you for voicing the truth! May God bless and help you with own struggles as well!
    I will stand with Eritrea the same way I am standing with Tigray ,enough of these nonsense we need peace for our poor families!

  5. This is horrible until someone takes action now Isaias Afeworki will do it again? I wonder what message is this silence send to the current and future generations in the region?

  6. Thanks Martine, let me tell you something, this war is displacing thousands of people, they lost their families and belongings. It creates big opportunities for human traffickers, and Europe will be flooding by refugees from Ethiopia. It is a matter of time, issais us the main push factor in the region for over 50 years. UN is not activly taking actions due to the weak African Union intervention. Most African leaders are defending themselves, if they allow UN intervention, tomorrow UN might hunt them for the same atrocities.

  7. I talked with some one in Ethiopia who tells the same narration as above with regards to the barbarian acts in and around Adigrat. As I understood the Eritreans were invited to help arrest the TPLF officials (named Junita by the government), why then all this unheard ever hoarer on Ethiopian civilians and properties of Ethiopia. At a minimum the University and the Hospital are under the ownership of Dr Abiys Federal government. It seems they offered their services simply to destroy Ethiopia under the pretext of their assignment. This is for me a huge disrespect to the trust they were given by Dr Abiy. I am assuming here that he would not approve their actions.

  8. I thank you for your honest, trusted and real events reporting to help the victims. Martin Plaut,you are always with the truth; I have no words to say to you, but God bless you.

  9. I acknowledge how difficult is to get concreat info from Tigray but you have try. And who exactly committed the massacre in Mai kadra? Such information is important in making people understand what happened there

  10. I know that the Eritrean militaries are all over in Tigray cities, killing civilians, specially young people but also all ages. They are destroying public and private properties. They are looting both public and private properties. Critical fabrics are destroyed such as a fabric that produces medication for chronic and acute illnesses in Adigrat. Hospitals that gives medical care for acute and Chronic illnesses are looted or destroyed. They destroyed churches and Mosques. They are forcing from people to take their phones so people are unable to take pictures on what is going on for whiteness. They isolate the Tigray people from searching food and water. They forcing to take their money and even food. People are helpless, hopeless and do not see any light since the central government allow a foreign country to eradicate the entire Tigray population. Similar disasters going on all over in Tigray, no communication, no food, no electricity, no water, no bank, no independent media to witness. I always woke up from nightmares, because I know this is ethnic based and it makes me very scared, specially nothing is done until now, I feel paralyzed, it hurts badly. All my families are Tigray, it has been almost two months and I am not sure who mad it so far. My feelings is the same as all From Tigray.

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