The situation in Asmara

Arbi Harnet (Freedom Friday) colleagues confirm that it has become extremely difficult to go out on the streets of Asmara because of heavy rounding up of young people, or giffa as it is known locally.

One activists reached by colleagues from the diaspora explained ‘I can’t even go out to buy bread as there is heavy giffa, I have never seen anything like this everyone is in doors and scared’.

Another source from the southern regions (zoba debub) told us that owners of trucks and other vehicles have been told to report with their cars and make preparations to go to Tsorona on the Tigray boarder.

A truck owner we spoke to yesterday told us ‘I have been asked to report with my truck and they say it is to go to Tsorona’.

Arbi Harnet colleagues have promised to stay in contact and update the situation as much as they can given the severe restrictions on their movement.


  1. This is not the time to express internal political aspirations or grudge while the safety of the entire Eritrean population is threatened by an enemy missile fire.

  2. What purpose does it serve to mobilise the Eritrean army to Tsorona? It is obvious that there is no threat for Eritrea from the South.

  3. I am Chritan and I blive that the Bible is true and accurate. If evry one give his heart to God as in old time our father did and resist Ethiopia antill the end even now will du it. A president cam only fom God if obedient will give them caring president, if not they saffer to death. Isayas have no pauer. God can chenge the heart of the like waters of the rivers. Isayas is only a man who works under( one world order).

  4. Stop fighting i am Eritrean all my life want normal country like other country i use to go to bolgna when i was kid all i want was for eritrea to be free i am geting in mid 40 nothing change i want always to belive the know what the doing but always the same we have to ask are going to be at war for ever

  5. Ich sag nur, Nieder mit Diktatoren in Horn von Afrika, weil die sind die Katalysator für die Unruhe in unsere Region.

  6. Thank you Eritrean brothers abd sisters for your unconditional support abd standing with the people of Tigray.

    Abiy Ahmed’s war will not end in Tigray. If he is not challenged with united forces (both Eritreans and Tigrayans), he and his Amhara butchers will target Asseb and may be the whole Eritrea as Amhara elites believe Asseb should be part of Ethiopia. You might have seen video clips from some Amhara expansionist group as well as comments from the current Amhara elites in Abiy’s government about their claim to Asseb as well as to bring back Eritrea under Ethiopia.

    The political dimension of Abiy Ahmed is changing rapidly into the past Amhara repression rule. Before Abiy succeeds to subdue Tigray, Eritreans must stand with Tigray before it is to late and all Eritreans should be worried what will come next in Eritrea.

    Abiy might charm Isaias now but he can turn against him and the Eritrean people like he has done to TPLF if he succeeds to defeat Tigray.

    As it is well know, Abiy and Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) has been in coalition with TPLE under the umbrella of EPRDF. He was a minister under Desalegn Hailemariam and chief of Security. He was involved in human rights abuses and killings on his own people, Oromo. He is ruthless and ambitious who wants to be a king and dominate the Horn of Africa. He has no humanity on his conscious.

    We are witnessing what’s happening in Tigray in past 3 weeks. Abiy may bomb towns and cities, kill as many as Tigrayans, he will never rule Ethiopia in peace and never win the hearts and mind of Tigrayans. Tigrayans will do it again by going back to the past guerrilla warfare to assert their rights.

    As you can see now, Abiy has presented himself like he has never committed human rights abuses and pretending he wants to establish a democratic Ethiopia – far from these honey coated words. He had been systematically killing the Oromo people and imprisoned Oromo opposition parties, Sidama, Welayita, Kensnt, Agew, Somali, Gedeo abd Gumuz key figures since he assumed power in 2018. Abiy plan is far from his canning narrative and Medemer philosophy. He is motivated by revenge to consolidate his dictatorial rule supported by ruthless Amhara elites who want to bring back Emperor Haileselassie centralised rule.

    Therefore, Eritrean brothers and sisters should be warned what will come next after Tigray. The only choice is both Tigrayans and Eritreans who believe in self-rule, self-pride and freedom should join forces to defeat Abiy and remove Isaias from power so that the people of Eritrea and Tigray can live in harmony and peace together.

    After all, we the people of Tigray and Eritrea are one people who speak the same language and have the same culture. We must preserve the unity, brotherhood and sisterhood by keeping the the common enemy at bay.

  7. The funniest of all is when Colonel Abiy Ahmed shamelessly said in front of the Camera that he is appointed by Esayas Afeworki to lead and Rule Eritrea, which is
    an utter violation of an international law. He is insanely ignoring the sovereignty of the nation of Eritrea. Esayas himself is an outlaw, who defiantly grabbed power. Upon grabbing the power, he has ruled the country by the barrel of the gun, and without national constitution. The irony is, Abiy, arrogantly denied the African leaders to mediate peace by claiming that
    all the atrocities and Tigrinya speaking ethnic cleansing in Tigray is an internal matter, and they cannot interfere in Ethiopian affairs. However, this highly deceptive preacher is utterly failing to understand and acknowledge that he is the one who is and has been violating the Eritrean sovereignty and he is openly showing the world his double standard actions, and he had better obey and respect international laws relating to Human Rights violations and the sovereignty of Eritrean, as well.


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