Sudanese forces repel cross-border incursion by Ethiopian militiamen backed by the Ethiopian army

Source: Sudan Tribune

A Sudanese army officer with some of his troops deployed on the eastern Sudan border on 21 Dec 2020 (ST photo)March 24, 2021 (GADAREF) – Sudanese forces Wednesday repulsed Ethiopian militiamen trying to seize a border area inside Sudan.

The Sudan Tribune learned that the Sudanese Reserve Forces clashed with armed Ethiopian militias backed by the Ethiopian army forces from the Amhara region in the Basinda area.

The Ethiopian groups penetrated into Sudanese territory, 8 kilometres from the international border, in the areas of Zura and Shai Bait, north of Taya town, on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border.

Multiples sources confirmed to the Sudan Tribune that the Sudanese forces killed and injured several assailants and seized a number of weapons, and agricultural gear.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister said they do not want war with Sudan. However, Ethiopian militiamen continue to stage cross-border incursions and killed Sudanese farmers and civilians.

Since April 2020 Ethiopian militiamen intensified their attacks inside Sudan while the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed earlier this year denounced the 1902 and 1972 border demarcation agreements, claiming the ownership of the Al-Fashaga area.

Sudan says it has reclaimed 90% of its land on the eastern border and massed troops on the border. Ethiopian also deployed troops on the other side.

Khartoum on Tuesday announced a mediation by the United Arab Emirates to resolve the conflict. But seemingly the two capitals have reservations on the initiative.


  1. Sudan should not trust any words Abiy vomit’s from him self. The guy is worse than Trump, unreliable.

  2. In my opinion the two countries are in a transition. they don’t need to go to war because as we know war is very devastating with all the new technologies deployed this days. First this two countries need to hand their domestic crisis which is the transition. then they have all the time in the world to solve the boarder problem peacefully in a table. they don’t need to be slaves of another countries…. we all know who is the driving force…

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