Reports of casualties in Tigray fighting – blood rushed to front

The following is from a variety of sources, which have to remain confidential.

Map of Tigray



This map is from the 1998-2000 Eritrea-Ethiopia border war, and is used only for convenience. The flight of civilians is from that period and does not refer to the current situation.



Apart from a brief clash when the Northern Command barracks in Mekele was taken over by Tigrayan forces, the capital of Tigray is reported to be quiet.

The main fighting is said to be taking place in the Western Zone, on the border with the Amhara region.

This was reported by the Reuters newsagency.

A humanitarian source said shelling and shooting had been heard in the region since the early hours of Thursday, and nearly two dozen soldiers had been treated at a clinic near the border with the Amhara region. The source did not say which side of the conflict the injured troops were drawn from.

“At 5:20 a.m. we started to hear heavy shelling. Since then it has only stopped for an hour, but as of 2:00 p.m. you could still hear shooting, bombing and shelling,” the source said.

“So far nearly two dozens injured – all military, no civilians – were treated in the health center of Abdurafi, located near the Tigray-Amhara border.”

It is reported that there have been serious casualties. The blood bank in Addis Ababa has rushed supplies up to the front. The wounded are being treated in a hospital in the Amhara region.

Meanwhile, all regions have been asked to contribute troops to the Federal army. Oromia (which has its own troubles) is said to have been excused from this obligation. The Somali region is said to be unhappy with the requirement.

There are unconfirmed reports of Eritrean troop movements close to Tigray, but there is currently no indication of fighting between Eritrean and Tigrayan forces.

“No talks”

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is said to believe that there is no reason to open a dialogue with the Tigray regional government.

This was confirmed by the Reuters report.

Sources said efforts were under way behind the scenes to encourage talks, pushed by the African Union. But the initiative was being resisted by authorities in Addis Ababa who insist they have to eliminate a threat posed by the TPLF.

“The Ethiopians are saying it is an internal matter and they will handle it. They are saying it (TPLF) is a rogue element within their border and this is about the rule of law,” said a diplomatic source who did not wish to be named.

Redwan Hussein, spokesman for a newly-established State of Emergency Task Force, told Reuters on Wednesday that the option for talks was “not yet” on the table.

Rather, he is looking for a “surgical strike” to remove the leadership.

Abiy is said to believe that by getting rid of the most senior 10 – 12 members of the authority he can replace them with a new government, which would be more to his liking.

Commentators suggest that this is unlikely. The Tigray government has just won an election in which they received an overwhelming endorsement.






  1. why TPLF attack the ethiopian defence force which protect them for around 20 doubt TPLF is a terrorist group.ፈጣሪ ኢትዮጵያን ይጠብቃት

  2. It is unlikely and unthinkable to remove TIGRAI PEOPLES LEADERSHIP from their post by unlawful GOVERNMENT!! His ambition would be concluded by his overwhelmingly humiliating defeat at hands of unbattlled & highly hardened & vehemently tested TIGRAI ARMY!!
    EVENTUALLY the empty wish of LUNATIC ABIY AHMED shall be buried once & for all!!

  3. I am an OROMOO who lost by skillful professional job by the TPLF mafia designating all OROMOO INTELLECTUALS as REBELLION OLF SYMPHETIZERS but at the same I don’t uphold or support the lawful or unlawful removal of TPLF from their constituency without the electoral vote. The LUNATIC ABIY AHMED defied just as TPLF did on OROMOO during it’d tenure to illegally remove TPLF from TIGRAI LEADERSHIP & then to replace the TIGRAI ADMINISTRATION by his NEO-NAFTEENYA puppets in the pretext of keeping territorial integrity & national unity of the country, OLD narration used by DERGUE to eliminate identity and fabricate homogeneous society that only speak monolithic language. This is total an acceptable from self rule &shated ruled enshrined in FDRE constitution. He is carrying out illegal & illegitimate war to rejoice or please NEIGHBORHOOD ERITREA & NEO-NAFTEENYA SYSTEM, who controlled the EMPIRE for abput 130 years & eventually toppled after defeated humiliating at Battle field. We as OROMOO stand on side of TIGRAI PEOPLES at this critical times to safeguard not only multinational
    federation but also SELF ADMINISTRATION of TIGRAI PEOPLES without interference from any intrastate or interstate government.

  4. Actually, the war ignited by the authoritarians TPLf leadership who looted and oppressed the Ethiopian people including the people of Tigray for solid 3 decades will not have far reaching repercussion on the horn of African countries. hopefully it will be concluded within short period of time with insignificant civilian casualties. it is a war against few criminals who committed atrocities and human right violations in all corners of the country during their rule. They should face justice sooner.

  5. Hi guys. I’m really very sorry about the situation in Ethiopia. I have friends both in Amhara and in Tigray region. I come from Slovenia, a republic of former Yougoslavia. My laic opinion is that your actually situation can be compared with our destiny. Can you please learn from our history? After Slovenia leaved Yougoslavia federation of republics, there was a 4 years of cruel war in the southern republics, because the governenent in Belgrade tried to any cost maintain the state of Yougoslavia under his control. If you want to avoid the war and live in peace, try to understand that every nation has a right to soverainty and independance. I’m really afraid for you all. I think you have a lot of other problems to resolve, like hunger, locusts, poverty, disabled people on the streets of Adis Ababa, beggars and homeless people in the big towns, vaccinations against poliomelitis and other illnesses, specialy in some rural areas, making streets etc. I really wish you all the best, because you are all wanderfull people and I always feld like being at home in Ethiopia. So please act with intelligence and comprehensive heart. God bless you.

    1. I appreciate your comments Spela, you have a wonderful insight about Ethiopia, it is true but all the problems you mentioned are sourced from the TPLF leaders not from the beloved Tigrian people. They are the cancers of Ethiopia, once we removed them Insha Allah Ethiopia will be great again you will see!

  6. TPLF stub ethiopian military while gurading and protecting the enitre rgion from any danger. Every thing has a limit. either ethiopia will perish or mafia Tplf Will perish

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