BREAKING: Ethiopia’s failed “Surgical Strike” commando raid to remove the Tigray leadership

Very early Wednesday morning aircraft carrying Ethiopian commandos took off on a mission to eliminate the Tigrayan leadership.

Ethiopian sources suggest that the force was airlifted into Mekelle in two helicopters and an Antonov from Bahr Dar, to try and seize the TPLF leadership at a hotel.

Social media reports that the hotel in question was the Planet.

The commandos landed without a problem and drove into Mekelle, seizing control of the hotel.

But the intelligence they were operating from was faulty. The Tigrayan leaders they were seeking were not there. The commandos then withdrew.

It is not clear if the unit was involved in any fighting.

But after the failed raid Tigrean forces took over the Ethiopian National Defence Force camp (the Northern Command barracks for Mekelle) near the airport (when there was some fighting), as well as taking control of the airport itself.

It is not clear if the commando raid preceded Prime Minister Abiy’s claim of a TPLF attack on the Northern Command barracks. But there had already been some fighting in Western Tigray by then between Amhara Special Forces and Tigrean troops.

Ethiopians report Prime Minister Abiy as saying that aircraft had been sent to Tigray to “deliver new notes” – presumably cover for the unsuccessful raid.

The official Ethiopian position is that the TPLF leaders must surrender; no discussions possible.




  1. Abiy sent money to Mekelle and not Commandos. But the TPLF leadership attacked headquarters of the north command of Ethiopian Defense Force out of psychlogical pressure and fear that has been mounting for the last two years. Sitting at Mekelle doing virtually nothing for two years sucks.

    1. Does that mean Tigray was deprived of the new bir notes until now? But Abiy decides to flood Billions of Bir, now that the war has begun. Something fishy, this fake news must be to cover a foiled sinister mission.

      1. Hard to believe, why in the hell would tigrai army let the ethiocommando fly in tigrai kilel/zone in the first place despite the fact that air space was declared no fly zone. Even ridiculous is the fact that once the commando were let, lets say for tactical reason, in the center of thecapital ,why were they not ambushed and/or made to surrender and hold them as evidence to show the Isayas lap dog Colonel Abiy for the hopeless failure that he is and the world to see

        1. It was declared no flight zone after all this mess 😂 There are photos of the commando’s before take-off, it was around 1,000 commandos! They all got killed!

  2. That is right, the war started after the commando failed to complete the mission and TPLF leaders decided to take over military camp.

  3. Let me to advise the Ethiopia’s MP: please could try to engage a political dialogue with your rivarly? The Tigray boys are good fighters and nobody can beat them except the Somalis. However, the Somalis are not ready to engage a meaningless war created by the Adiss Ababa’s teenage. The good leader never kill his people as Ethiopia’s current Primier is planning to kill his own people…

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