Report: “Eritrean troops despatched to Oromia”

A report from the Arbi Harnet (Freedom Friday) underground network inside Eritrea says that some Eritrean forces have been moved from Tigray into Oromia.

“Our members have the following information on the situation in Tigray.

Thousands of newly trained national service members have arrived in the past 3 days.

There is also disturbing news that some Eritrean army troops are heading to the Oromia region to halt advances by the Oromo Liberation Army (Oneg Shane).

In particular, Eritrea’s 22nd division has been dispatched to Oromia.

Haregot Furzun is the commander of the 22nd division and two of his brigades are in Oromia region now.”



  1. In the context of Abiy and Isaias – their naked lies to the whole world for so long – non of their actions should be taken off the table.
    One thing I know as a fact. These enemies of humanity are not giving up easily. They are sworn to realize their common ambitions – one to be the king of Ethiopia, the other the master of the East Africa Arena.
    A most and very likely action; Abiy knows well that the brewing uprisal in Oromia is the start and the end of his doom!
    The International Community should follow up this reported.

    A fellow from the long marginalized

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    1. OLF -shane and TPLF are enemies of humanity as we all know it. I don’t know how can anyone can denounce Abiy and Isayas while cheering for the other two? We can judge Abiy by he’s going to handle this election. The results will tell us a lot more. Will it be a continuation of TPLF 100% Victory?

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