EU slaps sanctions on Eritrea over human rights abuses

EU slaps sanctions on Eritrea over human rights abuses

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(Reuters) – The European Union on Monday imposed sanctions on Eritrea over human rights violations and blacklisted the country’s National Security Office which is tasked with intelligence gathering, arrests and interrogations.

At the beginning of March, the United Nations said Eritrean troops were operating throughout Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region and reports suggested they were responsible for atrocities.

“The National Security Office is responsible for serious human rights violations in Eritrea, in particular arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances of persons and torture,” the EU said after foreign ministers of the 27-nation bloc agreed the measures.

The sanctions mean an asset freeze in the EU. Additionally, individuals and entities in the EU are prohibited from making funds available, either directly or indirectly, to those listed.

Ethiopia and Eritrea have denied the involvement of Eritrean troops in the fighting alongside Ethiopian forces, although dozens of witnesses, diplomats and an Ethiopian general have reported their presence.

Thousands of people have died amid the fighting, hundreds of thousands have been forced from their homes and there are shortages of food, water and medicine in Tigray, a region of more than 5 million people.

The EU is considering imposing further sanctions on Eritrea.



  1. Fantastic, EU is the only and true watchdog of human rights in the world of today. UN and the US are much behind.

  2. This is a disgrace! It is a slap on the face of the Tigrayan and Eritrean people. What does sanctioning the whole ruling elite, let alone, the security chief of a North Korea-type economy achieve? None! The message is clear: Tigrayan people should have no delusions about foreign support. They seem to have understood. Lately, they have expanded the war into the Amara heartland; When the opportunity arises, they should likewise cross into Eritrea. A formidable task? Yes. But, for the war to end, the fight shouldn’t be limited by the legalities of borders: kilil or otherwise.

    1. How long does it take, my brother Seyoum? Do you remember how long USA took to admit the genocide in Rwanda? and as result 840,000 people were massacred USA should act right now!!

  3. Prosperity gospel (PG) is the hidden base for making visions and decisions for Abiy. I have very difficult to use the title of Dr or PM since he does not show a faint hint he has the acumen for neither of them.
    PG is extremely idolatry and exploits the human weakness, the yearning for wealth, health and success in the same manner as deceptive fraudulent. Considering all his lies to all, including the UN and many other allies, he has shown he is nothing but a simple deceptive person incorporated in this false religion.

    1. What kind of parallel are you trying to draw? This is a clear example of projection. I think all that you stated about PG is correct. Besides, your perrsonal experience of failure out of fantasy gospel is a living proof.
      But when it comes to Dr.Abiy your perception of him is totally a distorted one, a projection of your shadow self.

  4. Good constructive step. Surely, the rest of the world will follow, especially the greatest doner of all who has been doing good job lately.

    Keep on! We, the long marginalized Ethiopians really appriciate all you are doing to save our brothern Tigreans from total annihilation.

    A long marginalized Ethiopian

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