Prime Minister Abiy announces access to Tigray for seven international media organisations, including BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera

After blocking access since the war in Tigray broke out on 4 November, Prime Minister Abiy has finally relented. Aid agencies have also been granted visas and access.

A very welcome announcement, but let’s see what happens in reality.






  1. If the Ethiopian government has had nothing to worry about why did they cut off all communication from within Tigray? This government is lying!

  2. Dr. Abiy speaks and writes very nicely but in reality he did the evil ones. He does not carry about he spoke ,wrote and promised to the people. He is not a person to be trusted and expected to do what is expected from him. His trend shows me that he lies to pass the current situation and the pressure from the international community.

  3. It is tiresome to read such useless statments from one of the worst authoritarian governments of today. I say the worst without any exaggeration because it is an unusual type of government in a modern digital world. Abiy has based all of his politics in the blatant belief he can enchant and hypnotize the world, to allow himself do whatever is needed to make himself the glorious man of all times. He has no real political motive that will serve his people, his only motive is to be the 7th king like he has said it in many occasions before. He did succeed to cheat the Nobel peace comity once, but now he is busted, he can no more continue with his fraudulent behavior. Right now things are not working in his way and he is in total denial. Yes, the important word is Denial, Denial, Denial

  4. Dr. Abiy speaks and writes very nicely but in reality he did the evil ones. He does not care about he spoke ,wrote and promised to the people. He is not a person to be trusted and expected to do what is expected from him. His trend shows me that he lies to pass the current situation and the pressure from the international community. Shameless man ever seen in the Ethiopian History of administration.

  5. Everybody will scratch their heads once what happened in Tigray for the last short of 4 months is exposed.
    Journalists should ask the people who witnessed killings, rapes, lootings, mass graves, the wounded-those who lost their arms, ears, eyes, hands, foot and those visibly traumatized. They should ask about prisons and prisoners, they should ask about places and structures what they looked like and what they look like after the war. They should ask about every church, monastery, clinics, health centers, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, factories, etc. They should ask people not pointed questions but questions like, what else can you tell us. Once extensive questions are asked it will be revealed to the world with no doubt that the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and the president of Eritrea cannot escape punishment for what they did to the Tigray people.
    “Law and Order operation” is a fake. Who would believe the army at Badme was attacked by TPLF and then Isaias and Abiy organize a million army within a day. The operation was a calculated one which took time, energy and money to hurt the The Tigray people who were doing their daily routine activities. Dr. Abiy’s statement sounds like hallucination.

  6. This criminal autocrat (#abiy) believes that except him and his string holders ( #amara so called elites ), the rest of the world are CHAMPANZES not capable of even the basic cognation ability. After all his total blockade , constant naked lies how can he entertain the world will believe his 70% coverage of humanitarian assistance? I assure you he will present for this as evidence
    • Tons of registries with Tigray sounding names
    • Many videos showing people – wearing cultural Tigray clothing – receiving aid.
    These silly tactics ( fake evidence ) is some thing he always props his lies with every day in his brain wash of the poor Ethiopian people who completely have no access to alternative media. The latest such act seen all over the world was a month ago when he paraded in Addis Ababa thousands of Amara ethnics – wearing and displaying #oromo cultural artefacts: all the while arguing these are his Oromo people supporting him! This kind of parades are copied down to the regional administrations. For example, around the same time of Addis’s parade one was held in Jigjiga ( Capital of Somali – Ethiopian region ). This is the despicable tactic they used. The so called President of the region ( #abiy hand picked puppet ) sends his cronies to kabales ( lowest administrative units ) and tells them to bring out the people as there is gonna be a parade tomorrow against the Amhara people’s intension of returning their past superiority and take their lands – a fact that reflects #abiy’s current policy and which the Somali – Ethiopians 100% oppose!. Kabele militia spread around the peripheries of the city and bring out – as usual – the poor internally displaced whom are camped around the city. ( Kabale’s harass these poor’s any time a forced parade is needed. They don’t dare to come to the door-steps of the regular city dwellers. ) In the morning, after these poor people is gathered at the kabale centres, contingents of Liyo-Bolis consisting solely of #mustafe tribe ( armed to the teeth ) bring in posters and force the people to march. Guess what the contents of the posters were. WE SUPPORT ABIY, WE LOVE MADAMAR! What a humongous cheat and crime! This type of scenario is not unique in Somali-Region but is common occurrence in all regions of Ethiopia starting at the beginning of #abiy’s reign.
    #abiy is trying to do the same on the International-Community now. He has been preparing his false evidence all through his blockade. Doesn’t he know forsinic tech is way beyond solving such stupid lies and even there are eyes watching the whole world in real time! What a fool!
    One other thing. When he says “ coordinating the assistance is the mandate of the federal-gov’t ” one has two understand he is laying the back ground for the tactics he is gonna use against the International-communities – The likes of “YOU CAN’T GO THERE FOR SECURITY REASON” and so on.
    The International-Community before hand should have strict and proven steps to foil this unpresented layers of tricks.

    A Somali-Ethiopian suffering under a never seen Dictator.

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