Hiding tracks…the Ethiopian government’s orders to their Tigray administration


The Ethiopian government is reported to have ordered the interim government of Tigray (in collaboration with the military) to eradicate all evidences of the extensive atrocities committed during the war in Tigray.

Signs of murder, rape, looting, displacement and destruction are being carefully removed.

This is being done ahead of opening up Tigray to members of the international media.

The problem for the Ethiopian government is that the people of the region can bear witnesses to what took place.

This explains a report that more than 6,000 internally displaced people are being transferred fromĀ  Axum university campuses to the prison center in Shire over the next two days.

Axum – the scene of probably the worst atrocity in the current conflict – is likely to attract considerable media attention once the region opens up.



  1. Everybody will scratch their heads once what happened in Tigray for the last short of 4 months is exposed.
    Journalists should ask the people who witness killings, rapes, lootings, mass graves, the wounded-those who lost their arms, ears, eyes, hands, foot and those visibly traumatized. They should ask about prisons and prisoners, they should ask about places and structures what they looked like and what they look like after the war. They should ask about every church, monastery, clinics, health centers, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, factories, etc. They should ask people not pointed questions but questions like, what else can you tell us. Once extensive questions are asked it will be revealed to the world with no doubt that the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and the president of Eritrea cannot escape punishment for what they did to the Tigray people.
    “Law and Order operation” is a fake. Who would believe the army at Badme was attacked by TPLF and then Isaias and Abiy organize a million army within a day. The operation was a calculated one which took time, energy and money to hurt the The Tigray people who were doing their daily routine activities.

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