London: Lambeth cancels Eritrean government festival Sunday 4 September

Good Evening,

Thank you to everyone who alerted us to this event. The TRA, with the support of Lambeth and the Metropolitan Police, has decided to cancel this event with immediate effect.

Please be advised that no event will take place on Sunday 4th September 2022 and that there should be no gathering of protestors as the hall is situated within a residential estate.

Please contact the TRA at or your local community leaders for further communication.

Please feel free to share the attachment.
Fenwick Estate & Willington Road TRA


  1. This is just a start.

    We will not and shall not rest until all PFDJ thuggish festivals are banned across the U.K. and Europe for good.

    Time for PFDJ to hold their festivals in Moscow and Pekings – cities in countries they look up to while scamming Western host countries.

    These refugees and Eritrean agents organising the events should be sent back to Eritrea. These are fake refugees and clearly do not need protection from a government they love and for which they go to extraordinary length to collect money for.

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