Ethnic discrimination – A personal testimony


I am from Tigray and my wife is from Amhara. We are living in Addis and are blessed with three children.

We are believers, protestant followers, and have lived happy life till Abiy came to power.

Ethnic difference wasn’t an issue for us and for many people at that time. For me still is.

Yet things started to change immediately after Abiy took the office.

It started with rumours on allegations of corruption and crimes committed by TPLF officials. These was followed by continuous media campaign and labelling all Tigreans as “thieves”.

People’s attitude including those close friends begin to change negatively.

Then things start to move from bad to worse.

Amid all of these harsh conditions the war on Tigray broke out and now everything looks out of control. Tigrians now are considered responsible for every failure of the country.

I personally heard from several people including the educated ones that the Tigian ethnic group are like “cancer” for Ethiopia and should be wiped out one by one.

And that is exactly what is happening everywhere.

There is verbal and physical abuse, intimidation and harassment everywhere.

While travelling,  to escape from unnecessary verbal abuse and slander, usually I  cover my face by wearing dark eye glass, hat and scarf. Even going to church is not easy this time.

I used to spend most of the time around the church for prayer and spiritual service and now I hardly go to church even on Sundays.

Most of my friends were either laid off from their jobs or are in prison.

I have lived for almost 30 years in different parts of Ethiopia (outside of Tigray)  but have never seen such kind of cruel administration.

I care less for my self now, but my greatest worry is for my children.

If things continue in this way what will be the fate of my children.

We know the Dergue was dictatorial regime but Abiy’s government is by far the worst.

Unless the international community takes serious action soon it would happen a condition worse than that of Rwanda.

So please keep telling our story to the world. Don’t be discouraged by Abiy supporters.


  1. Amahra elites and news outlets are deceiving the world through their propaganda desssiminating articles . They claim there is no socalled massacre of Gumuz, Tegarus , Agew and Kimant . I have here for you to read one evidence from zehabesha , amhara propaganda outlets, it reads as follow: While supporters of Ethiopia’s ousted Tigrayan leaders are using their impressive loot and extensive international contacts to raise false alarms of a non-existent genocide against Tigrayans, successive massacres have been factually raging against the Amhara people in various parts of Ethiopia.”

    For these thugs, amhara is the only humanity and being created by the image of God and likeness.

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