Ethiopian Peace Ministry hires Holland & Knight

Source: Politico

Ethiopian Peace Ministry hires Holland & Knight for $270,000

FARA FRIDAY: The Ethiopian government has hired more help in Washington as the Biden administration continues to issue warnings and reports of atrocities against the Tigrayan people continue to trickle outHolland & Knight’s Michael CavanaughRich GoldMichael Galano and Ronald Oleynik will assist Ethiopia’s Ministry of Peace with “strategic counsel and federal government relations” before both Congress and the White House, according to documents filed with the Justice Department.

 The six-month contract is worth $270,000, and was disclosed the same day national security adviser Jake Sullivan spoke with Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen, according to the White House, to convey the administration’s “grave concern” over the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the country, which Secretary of State Tony Blinken has said amounts to “ethnic cleansing” by the government in Addis Ababa against the Tigray people.

— President Joe Biden dispatched one of his top congressional allies, Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) to the Ethiopian capital last month. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told Coons during the visit that he is “deeply concerned” about reported atrocities, and is “fully committed to investigating all allegations of human rights abuses” and bringing to justice those responsible for the brutalities, according to a letter from Ethiopia’s ambassador to the United States to the heads of the House Foreign Affairs Committee that was disclosed to the Justice Department by the lobbying firm Venable, which is representing the Ethiopian embassy.


  1. Can they really buy impunity, I hope not. All of us should fight against this type of corruption. The agency should have refused the task. Now, we will intensively fight against this corrupt agency. This agency is going to defend a human rights perpetrator government in Africa against millions of children and women. It is even worse than defending nazism. We will fight this agency, it has to be boycotted.

  2. What will those lawyers say? The have nothing to say to save Abiy and Isaias. The evidence is glaring. Those two sick people have committed crime against humanity. They have Massacared innocent Tegaru, old, young and children. They have raped the old, young and children one of them six year-old who is in Shire hospital, as reported. They have totally destroyed or looted all essential infrastructures in Tigray-hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, schools, universities and small industries. For example, according to the World Peace Foundation, Addis pharmaceutical factory in Adigrat, Alemeda textile factory in Adua, Zenith hair oil in shire, Mesebo Cement factory in Mekelle, Oil processing factory in shire, Sheba leather factory in, Guan trading, Saba dimensional stone, Semayta Dimensional Stone, Dejon Flour factory, Sur construction, Mesfun Engineering, and Garment Industry are either destroyed or looted. Will the lawyers have valid argument against those facts. Those facts on the ground are those reported, there may be more crimes unreported yet.

  3. What is this? Is this the way of the west?
    I mean you up who ever you want in full day light then you pay some buggers ome money and you go free!

    I beleive we can’t look up for justice to these demented culture.

    1. Correction of above
      I meant to say, If this sinister tactic of lobbying works – which i can’t beleive – surely, we can’t look up for justice from this demented culture.

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