Ethiopia: Tigrayans forced to attend rally to denounce the Tigray Government

Call for Demonstration of Support

Tigray enforced demonstrationIt is known that you are an ethnic Tigrayan. 

Therefore we have respectfully invited you to appear at 5:30 Sunday Morning of 05/12/21 at Garment Square where transportation is prepared [to take you to] Abebe Bikila Stadium where a peaceful demonstration regarding the current situation in our country, condemning the actions being done by few treasonous juntas in the Tigray region [and] in support of our country’s unity will be held on Sunday morning, 6:00 AM by [ethnic] Tigrayans.

Reminder: Either being late or absent means not supporting Ethiopia’s unity!!

Ethiopia will be victorious!!!”


  1. This is the charactore of fascist government thatsway we said Pm Abiy Ahmed Ali is a dictator & his govt is a #Genocidale govt.

  2. You must have a good translator. the invitation paper does not show any word of force rather invitation on voluntarily

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