Ethiopia: The drone identification plate pointing to Turkish drones being used in Tigray

This drone identification plate was discovered in the Mersa and Haro area by Tigrayan forces. A  Turkish manufacturer can be identified from this.

Drone fragment

The MAM-L (written on the fragment label) appears to refer to a laser guided bomb produced in Turkey and able to be delivered from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (drones) as well as from aircraft. It also suggests that it was of very recent manufacture – May 2021.

MAM stands for Mini Akıllı Mühimmat, or Smart Micro Munition produced by Turkish defence industry manufacturer ROKETSAN.

Turkey and Ethiopia have been strengthening their relations in recent months – just as ties with the United States soured. In February 2021 Turkey’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu visited Addis Ababa. Then in August Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed paid a return visit to Ankara. He signed new co-operation agreements with President Tayyip Erdogan. This included a fresh military-financial agreement.

This article from the manufacturer suggests what the munitions are capable of.

MAM-L Boosts Effectiveness of UAVs

Defence Turkey, Issue 78

The Smart Micro Munition (MAM-L), developed by Roketsan in line with today’s battlefield requirements, attracts attention as a solution that increases the efficiency of air platforms with low payload capacity, especially that of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). MAM-L, a variant of the Laser Guided L-UMTAS (Long Range Anti-Tank Missile System) that is also developed by Roketsan, the only difference being that it does not have a rocket motor and glides in the air has already been integrated to the “Bayraktar” and “Karayel” tactical UAVs that are currently being used by the Turkish Armed Forces. The MAM-L, which is being successfully used in various operations involving UAVs, stands out as a munition that has proved itself in the field.

With its low weight of about 50 pounds and a length of 1 m, the MAM-L offers a cost-efficient solution for light attack aircraft as well as UAVs. The MAM-L, with its high explosive fragmentation warhead, is highly effective against light structures, unarmored ground vehicles, radar antennas and soft targets like weapon pits and personnel, in a 25-m radius. The other version with tandem high energy anti-tank warhead is effectively used against heavy armored tanks. The munition can be used efficiently at ranges of up to 8 km, depending on the altitude from which they are released.

Meanwhile, the fact that MAM-L is a member of the same family with Roketsan’s medium range anti-tank missile OMTAS and long range anti-tank missiles UMTAS/L-UMTAS, offers a significant advantage to its users in terms of training and logistics.

Roketsan also gained considerable experience in the integration of the MAM-L into air platforms. As long as the air platforms have the required infrastructure, Roketsan can operationalize the MAM-L by completing all the related integration works within a few months. In the event of the infrastructure requiring additional elements, Roketsan also offers its customers integration support.

Mr. Selçuk Yaşar, President and CEO of Roketsan, states that the MAM-L will soon become the preference of many countries: “The design and application concept of the MAM-L provides its users with the capability of effectively neutralizing time critical targets, particularly those that arise during reconnaissance and surveillance missions. Meanwhile, thanks to its precision guidance and small dimensions, the MAM-L offers a solution with a low collateral damage. When compared with all the other capabilities of the armed forces, a combination of the MAM-L and a tactical UAV is the most cost effective solution. We believe that soon other countries will also start taking an interest in this solution.”