Eritreans and Ethiopians launch a joint anti-war campaign in the UK

(London 20/11/2020) Eritreans and Ethiopians opposed to the war in the State of Tigray in Ethiopia as well as the rest of Ethiopia and Eritrea, have today launched a joint campaign group that works to end the war by highlighting the devastation and humanitarian consequences of it.

The attack on Mekelle on 4th November escalated what had been long-standing tensions between Ethiopia’s federal government and the regional government of Tigray into a war.

Organising their activities under the slogan #AbiyEndTheWar the group comprising of Eritrean and Ethiopian campaigners aims to lobby the international community, raise awareness of the truths and myths concerning the war among fellow Eritreans, Ethiopians, the wider African community and friends of Africa. The group aims to carry out a peaceful socially distanced rally in London once lock down is lifted.

Yenabi Mezghebe spokeswoman for the group today stated ‘we are devastated by the war that has the hallmarks of a genocide initially against Tigrayans but will no doubt engulf many others if left unchecked, we call on all peace loving human beings to condemn the war and to call for reconciliation and mediation for all leaders involved’.

The campaign group is a very rare example of collaboration among Eritreans and Ethiopians given the many years of animosity between the two countries.

The war has escalated to engulf the Ethiopian federal government and two regional states in Ethiopia as well as Eritrea. The war was officially declared by Abiy Ahmed the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Prime Minister of Ethiopia following many months of escalating stand-off with his former colleagues in the Government of the Tigray State in the north.

Eritrea under President Isaias Afwerki, who has led the country without election since the country’s independence in 1993 joined the war in support of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed with whom he is said to have been having an unconventionally close relationship following their equally unconventional peace deal in 2018.


The joint group can be contacted on: +447939539468 or







  1. Dear Yenabi,
    As a friend of Africa I deeply support your initiative. I hope it will grow to a clearly noticed cry with real effects. I pray for my friends and colleagues in Mekelle that I cant contact for days. May peace come!! And great that you show to the world that people are foremost human beings that can stand together!

  2. Keep up the good work guys. Let’s all do our part to stop this unnecessary war. African leaders will do what it takes to stay in power.. rise up

  3. Dear compatriotes,

    This is a noble intiative; I support it fully. This war is senseless and it is claiming many lives unnecessarily. The waring parties have chosen this time to engage in war, when they should protect their citizens from Covid-19, speaks volumes.

  4. I don’t support war but I was profiled as Amhara tribe member by Hewehat and had to flee the country, chased away from my business. What goes around comes around. In those days they called me terrorist not a victim.

    the other thing I was to emphasized Abiy waited for two years for the tigraiwan force to come to the table to negotiate but TPLF refused instead the go around arming their followers to kill innocent children, women, farmers. Abiy is forced to go to war. which is sad,

  5. The Ethiopian gov’t should Set aside it’s assumptions and try to listen the interest of all stakeholders to the peace process of Ethiopia 🇪🇹. As AUChair2020 stated in his tweet the gov’t should prevent genocide, make peace a reality for all and rid the continent of wars, violent conflicts, human rights violations, and humanitarian disasters.

  6. There is no civil war in Ethiopia. There is a move by federal government to ensure the rule of law. Our enemies want to see that happen but I promise you that it will not happen. The cast majority of Ethiopians are behind the EDF and the PM. The operation will be over soon and you will have nothing to talk about

  7. What is going on Tigray is devastating. Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Amhara chauvinists are invading a single state in the name of military operation. On top of this, USA made drones funded by UAE are bombing every town in Tigray. Many civilian dead and migrated. Tigrayans in the whole country are prosecuting for being Tigrayans. Abiy is using his Nobel peace price as a license to kill my people.

  8. how come in between those two years you people didn’t think of doing this ?? or better yet with in the 27 years of unthinkable torture and scrutiny Ethiopians faced if you had stood by the people without thinking of ethnic differences none of this would have happened sorry to say but what goes around comes back around it’s time to face judgement if you really fear for the lives of Ethiopians living in Mekele you should pressure the tplf juntas to give their selves up and get judged by the law. if not just say your fighting to save TPLF not tigray or Ethiopia.


  10. I am against war. But this one is not a war! It is law enforcement. You guys don’t seem to care for the genocide against the amharas in gura ferda, Benishangul Gumuz, and Maykadra, to mentioned the last ones. They were insisted, financed and orchestrated by TPLF! It had to be stopped, and only by neutralising TPLF. It was initiated TPLF by attacking the Northern Regiment.
    It is just that!

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