British government calls on Ethiopia to allow aid agencies access to Tigray

Source: Hansard

Photo of Harriett BaldwinHarriett Baldwin Conservative, West Worcestershire

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, what assessment he has made of the effect of the political situation in Ethiopia on the humanitarian situation in (a) Ethiopia, (b) Eritrea and (c) Sudan.

Photo of James DuddridgeJames Duddridge Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office)

We are concerned by the ongoing violence between federal and regional forces in the Tigray region and the risk it poses to civilians, and by reports of ethnically-motivated attacks. We are gravely concerned at Amnesty International‘s report of killings of civilians on 9 November and are investigating. The Foreign Secretary called Prime Minister Abiy on 10 November to raise our concerns and stress the urgent need to prioritise the protection of civilian lives, restore services (including banks and telecommunications) and enable humanitarian access. I also spoke to the Ethiopian Ambassador in London on 18 November to reiterate our concerns. The UK has called for immediate de-escalation in Tigray and is working closely with humanitarian agencies to ensure that aid reaches civilians affected by the fighting.

We are reviewing the impact the conflict is having on the delivery of essential health, food and education services in the region and assessing the humanitarian need. Before the current conflict there were already more than one million highly vulnerable persons across Tigray including refugees, internally displaced persons and chronically food insecure communities. The UN predicts that an additional 800,000 people could be impacted by violence in Tigray, causing internal displacement within Ethiopia and across international borders, notably in Sudan where UNHCR reports more than 27,000 people have now crossed the border. We continue to monitor the situation and are appealing to the Government of Ethiopia and others to ensure humanitarian access to those in need in Tigray and affected areas.


  1. Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia and Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea need to uphold international law.
    The war crime and crime against humanity as well as genocide need to be stopped.

    1. The messenger of Evil pm Abiy hamed is killing our kids using drowns almost everyday it’s been almost two weeks ago
      this man he crate a collection force with nevering countery leader(Afework)
      officially declared a-war agonist Tigray people I think it’s enough
      To see over twenty five thousand tigrance are in Sudan
      before it’s too late this Tragedy has to stop.
      Pm Abiy Ahemed is killer

  2. There’s no government in Ethiopia. The formal prime minister Abiy Ahmed isn’t elected by Ethiopians. He just want to stay in power as a dictator with out any electoral mandate given to him. So his leader ship has expired and he can’t force himself on the people of Tigsty with out their will to be govern by him. He has been and still is committed war crime, and he needs to stop genocide on his own citizens. The international community should stop him from distorting his own people and country

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