Eritrean government, smarting at Dutch criticism, calls in Dutch ambassador

The Eritrean government, which has been accused of extracting finances by threatening the Eritrean diaspora in the Netherlands, says it will call in the Dutch ambassador. This follows measures outlined by the Dutch to try to protect the Eritrean diaspora living in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stef Blok, demanded clarification from Eritrea about the fundraising undertaken by its embassy office. Mr Blok described it as “very worrying” that there were once more reports of the forced collection of money by Eritrean diplomats.

The minister said he required an explanation from the embassy office and cannot rule out further action if the response is not satisfactory. Now the Eritreans have responded.

 Not for the first time & apparently pandering to narrow interest groups, 
the Dutch Foreign Ministry has indulged in unacceptable behaviour 
to harass the Eritrean Consulate in the country this week 
on trumped-up charges of collecting funds for COVID-19 through illicit means.

 In the event, Eritrea's Foreign Ministry will summon, 
in the coming days, the new, non-resident, 
Dutch Ambassador to convey, in the strongest terms, 
Eritrea's dismay at this repetitive & unacceptable conduct. 
Further appropriate and reciprocal action will be announced in due time
 They know their deceptive allegation has no legal legs to stand on.
Looking for every silly excuse to vilify #Eritrea and its government 
has to STOP.

The Eritrean authorities are clearly furious that any foreign governments criticise their human rights record.

Earlier this month Eritrea attacked the European Parliament for highlighting the abuses committed by the regime. “Eritrea Raps EU Parliament Over ‘Baseless’ Resolution at ACP States Assembly.”

The Eritrean government fails to understand that it is held to account by the international community for the commitments it signed up to when it joined the UN, the African Union and the Cotonou Agreement. All contain guarantees of human rights, few of which are upheld in Eritrea.


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