EEPA Situation Report – Horn of Africa – No. 260, 02 September 2022

Situation in Tigray & Amhara (per 02 September)

  • Fighting has continued on multiple fronts. There have been increased reports of fighting in Northern Tigray between the TDF and Eritrean troops.
  • The Associated Press spoke to an individual in Afar who says he saw “a large contingent of Ethiopian army units” move into Eritrea and were preparing to attack Tigray from Eritrea.
  • The Eritrean ambassador to Kenya has wished victory to the Eritrean Defence Forces in a tweet. This seems to indicate that the EDF are involved in offensive operations in Tigray.
  • The Emergency Case Team coordinator at the Health Bureau of Tigray told Tigrai TV, a Tigrayan-affiliated media channel, that they have run out of oxygen. According to the Coordinator, 450 people have died due to lack of oxygen.
  • The production of oxygen has reportedly stopped due to the blockade on Tigray.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 02 September)

  • BBC Tigrigna reports that gunmen killed at least 50 civilians in Western Oromia on 30 August. Locals told the BBC that the attack was carried out by Fano militias. Locals also said that they counted at least 100 bodies in Agamsa town, Amuru district.
  • Residents the BBC spoke to said that the OLF had taken over the town following the withdrawal of government forces. When the OLF itself left the town, FANO militias entered and started killing those who cooperated with the OLF, stated the witnesses.
  • According to the Addis Standard (AS), the Mayor of Shewa Robit city in North Shewa Zone of the Amhara region, Wubshet Ayalew, was shot and killed by unidentified assailants on 01 September.
  • The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) received USD 83 million from the United States to bolster programmes in Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Haiti.
  • FAO programmes in Ethiopia are expected to receive USD 32 million from this contribution, specifically to scale up crop production in Tigray.
  • FAO aims to distribute seeds and fertilisers to 344.000 households (1.7 million people), and provide training on “fertilizer application and handling, good agronomic practices, post-harvest handling and value addition.”

Regional Situation (per 02 September)

  • Seven people have been killed in new tribal clashes in the Blue Nile region in Sudan. The violence erupted following the alleged murder of a person.
  • Previous tribal clashes in July 2022 displaced 30.000 people. The Sudanese government states it is trying to return the displaced people to their abandoned homes.
  • The ICRC has started distributing cash to 150.000 households in Somalia. 90 USD were distributed to each family for food and other necessities. The action is intended to bring relief to a region that has been severely affected by the drought.
  • Stratfor, a geopolitical consultant group, published an assessment of the long term implications of the GERD dam conflict. It writes that the dam will likely “worsen water stress in Egypt and Sudan” and worsen food insecurity, unemployment, migration, and agricultural output.
  • Stratfor adds that “Ethiopia’s continued unilateral filling of the GERD will set a precedent for water politics that will likely complicate the region’s response to future climate shocks.”
  • The commander of US forces in Africa, Gen. Michael Langley, made his first trip to Africa. He stopped in Djibouti, Kenya, and Somalia. He met with US and local officials to “ better understand the political and military situation in East Africa”.

International Situation (per 02 September)

  • The US has appointed its first ambassador to Sudan in 26 years. Amb. John Godfrey presented his credentials on Thursday. He tweeted that he looked forward to strengthening US-Sudan relations.
  • He further said that “It is time to establish a credible civilian government [in Sudan]. This step is necessary to resume the international partnerships with Sudan and to strengthen relations between the Sudanese government and the U.S. administration.”
  • UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric urges all parties to the conflict in Tigray to protect civilians, including letting civilians leave for safer areas. He added that “Rapid and unimpeded humanitarian access to all those in need across northern Ethiopia remains critical.”
  • The Ethiopian Embassy in Paris met with three French companies ALEPH, ARINC, and THALES. The embassy says that all three “expressed their interest to work in Ethiopia and support [the] country’s digitalisation and modernisation endeavours.”
  • The embassy says that Ethiopia is keen to work with them on “boarder [border] control, internet surveillance, CCTV camera, digital identity & security.”

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