British Members of Parliament call on U.K. government to act on Tigray

This statement has been issued by the U.K. All Party Group in Parliament.

The Chair is Kate Osamor, MP


  1. The UK government had shown simpathy and support for Tigray state to the stage of recognising it should it devidebto succeed legally in line with constitution.

    Thr route of the problem caused by PM Abiy Ahmed decision to cancell ellection and practice dictatorship .Abiy Ahmed killed and detained thousands of innocent citizens including government officials and opposition leaders .

    Therfore, UK government should not support the current Ethiopia government that opted for gross human rights violations and return to old facism practices and rule of one ethnicity (Amhara) which all Ethiopia ethnicities will reject and resist by all means.The UK government should be neutral and fair when dealing with sensitive issues in Ethiopia as this may lead to Ethiopia’s collapse.

    1. Ethiopia will never fail, nor Tigray people but TPLF does! PM Abiy has tried all possible peace solutions. I appreciate the positive concern the UK government has shown

      1. The fresh dictator in Addis has miserably failed the Ethiopian people. He thinks he can melt Ethiopia, a country of 80 plus ethnic groups into one language-one-religion-one-culture one-size-fits-all pot. This is the source of the present crisis, that the rest of the world needs to understand!

      2. Ethiopia will not fix the problem by the current government.
        We need Tigray to liberate as a country to have peace that region.
        The illegal federal government cut all kind of government services to the Tigrean people and announce for genocide by Government TV.
        Time to separate from feudal Ethiopian system.
        Thanks British parliament to iniate to acknowledge Tigray as a nation.

      3. Collaborators and traitors will be remembered in history and their action of betrayal will be painful to all Ethiopians.

        Ethiopians should reflect on the situation how Abiy and ADM leadership are cowardly dragging Ethiopians into a very long and messy war. 

        I sincerely hope the Amhara and Oromo people will stand with the people of Tigray to prevent Ethiopia from breaking up and condemned Abiy’s and ADM leadership coward action. Traitors will never win.

    2. You Egyptian day dreamer stop
      We decided to lead election coming Ethiopian June
      We extended election as world countries due to corona

    3. In deed it’s the time that the tigray rulers get the best lesson they ever had. They will be responsible for leading the region into dangerous situation.

  2. it is Tplf who started the war. While the ethiopian troop was protecting the people of tigray for the last 20 year from eritrea the same mafia group of Tplf stabing the military base. Ethiopia has got a Ligitmate right to defend the people of tigray and it is a domestic affair and no one has the right to speaj about it. uk parlment mind your own business

  3. PM Abiy made the right decision against the TPLF bandits. I’m sure the UK will also support such a decisive move by the PM. The TPLF regime has been swept for once and forever. We want to live in peace with the people of Tigray but not with TPLF gangsters.

  4. The UK government should do something as its a war between partys not among the people i
    personally dont support both partys since both are criminals

  5. THE constitution of federal democratic republic of Ethiopia keeps any ethnicity can secede If If referendum is taken. Tigray region only fulfilled the constitution to held the election on time but Abbiy Ahmed wants to stay in power as dictator. How he is treating opposition leaders is unacceptable. All rival politicians were arrested and some of them killed. Please Britain should defund Abbiy Regime. DOWN DOWN ABBIY AHMED. 👎👎👎👎👎

  6. To support PM Abiy Ahmed means, to kill innocent Ethiopian nation & nationalities. UK gov’t stop supporting current Ethiopian regime.

  7. Anyone who can see past the politics knows the sitiuation in ethiopia is caused by 27 years of rule of tyrinay by the tplf.ethiopia shall be free at last.we were great once we will be great again,ethiopia forever.

  8. Abiy ahamed term has already expired he declare war on tigray people because they held election which is thier constitutional rights in fact this is not the first time attacking regional government he did the same on somali region of ethiopia he replaced all regional government by force he arrested politicians which he thought they will be strong computers and closed medea of tigray people dw dimtsi weyane,tigray tv and oromia medea network finally he declare war to the only peaceful region were no body has displaced because of his ethnicity even though tigrians has been displaced killed dehumanized in the rest of ethiopia

  9. Thank you the British parliament for intervening in this urgent matter.I don’t have to explain the whole situation on what’s going on between the government of Ethiopia,the government of Eritria and the Tigray region as you might have the information from what I read in this letter.But I ask the British government to take urgent action as the government of Ethiopia is waging war on Tigray and taking desperate action on Tigarus who live in the capital city of Ethiopia and other region of the country as a desperate action to retaliate the Tigray government.
    Thank you

  10. I never come across a country which bombs its citizens and invites
    another country for help to kill his people and damage its
    infrastructure and yet the government claims to liberate the Tigray

    If Ethiopia wants to win the mind and heart of the Tigray people, why are you punishing them by bombing, blocking aid, suck civilian and military people from their job because they happen to come from the region? Profiling them on transport, any government services, arrest them, kill them as if they don’t belong to the country.

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