BREAKING – Tigray accuses Eritrea and Ethiopia of launching a full-scale northern offensive

Source: Getachew K Reda Tweets

Eritrean forces have launched full scale offensive in all fronts today-all the way from Tekeze through to Irob. Heavy fighting in May Kuhli, Zban Gedena, AdiAwala, Rama, Tserona and Zalambessa.
Abiy Ahmed’s Eastern command, significant elements of Northwestern command and three commando divisions have also been deployed alongside Eritrean forces.
000s of Amhara special forces as well as Fano have also joined the offensive. Eritrea is deploying its entire army as well as reservists. Our forces are heroically defending their positions.


  1. Its really shame to hear such news, its a war of human disaster in the horn of africa. The world should have to take action to stopp this full scale war, which can result full distruction of human being and resource.

  2. In Europe, the European countries are helping their European neighbours in Ukraine.

    In Africa, African countries remain silent while their African neighbours in Tigray are being brutalized.

    If African countries will not help the Tigrayans then why do they expect Africans expect countries on other continents to help?

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