An urgent appeal from the Amhara National Movement – “Everything to the front!”

To the members and supporters of our movement,
To all patriotic Ethiopians,

NAMa Urgent Call for Survival

The entire Amhara people are fighting along with the Ethiopian Defense Forces and patriotic Ethiopians to counter the massive invasion that the TPLF, the arch-enemy of Amhara and Ethiopia, has been waging since July 12, 2021.
The terrorist TPLF has inflicted heavy casualties on our people in terms of life, body and property in North and South Gondar, North and South Wollo, Waghamra and Afar due to the war it wage.
Today, the TPLF is committing genocide, rape, theft and wreaking havoc in the areas under its control.
The people of Amhara have been able to halt its progress by inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy forces in a multi-pronged campaign following the call for survival by the regional government on July 25, 2021. In this public struggle, the TPLF’s dream of destroying our country by force has been thwarted.
However, the government’s failure to consolidate the military advantage over the enemy achieved by the national defense force and the Amhara forces into a secure victory and the leadership gap has caused extreme harm to our people and has left them feeling betrayed.
We note that the invading force has once again had a chance to recover, similar to what happened after the eight-month law enforcement campaign that followed the November 3, 2020 attack. In this regard, there has been no improvement in the alignment and tactics of our allied forces, as a result the desperate invading army has become emboldened. Currently, it is making great efforts to take control of the area, including Dessie and Kembolcha, using the leadership gaps and weaknesses observed especially in the South and North Wollo fronts.
Distinguished people of Amhara!
You are the first to experience the invasion, remember too, that war is primarily yours. So far, you have been waiting for help, believing that the matter is within the national framework. From now on, if your people show further indifference to the fact that many people are being killed and tortured by the brutal TPLF, millions of people are starving and suffering, the humiliation will be for your children and grandchildren.
Therefore, all those who claim to be Amhara must be determined to destroy the TPLF once and for all. You have been entrusted with the task of being part of a great liberation movement by marching on the front lines and defeating the invading enemy. If you can’t fight for a variety of legitimate reasons, then use your resources, your energy, your knowledge to safeguard the security of your people before it can be looted by the invading enemy.
The Amhara National Movement calls on the people to redouble their efforts and to halt everyday work and education in order to stop the enemy that is poised to loot, destroy and to commit massacres especially in the wollo area.
We call on the people of Amhara to take immediate action against the invaders and to clear the area of ​​terrorists by standing with the national defense forces and Amhara forces in all fronts.
We urge the government to take strong and immediate steps to address the significant gaps in demand, decision-making, gear and food supply and coordination, and to ensure that it fulfills its responsibility to take strong and immediate steps to save the people and the country from destruction.
We would like to point out that it would be difficult to deny the social and political implications of the current situation on the one hand, especially the material and human damage caused by the ongoing invasion, as well as the widespread social unrest, when measured against government efforts to prevent and reverse the invasion. It is true that war considerations, plans, and campaigns are often kept under strict military secrecy. In this regard, it is assumed that there will be a strategic sequence in terms of campaign leadership and frontline decision-making. But the plan and leadership that makes a large community in a large area vulnerable to non-stop and incessant invasion has surely failed to take the community in to account.
The Amhara Regional State Government needs to do its part to eliminate the terrorist TPLF from our people in a short period of time by strengthening the ongoing survival campaign .
Our movement urges the federal government to realize that our people are extremely suffering and to fulfill its responsibilities by immediately correcting any actions that may expose the people to violence, and the country to humiliation and disintegration.
The Amhara National Movement wholeheartedly supports any national and regional efforts to eliminate the TPLF, and calls on all leaders, members and supporters of the organization to take the lead in this final battle. It will provide planning and implementation guidelines for its implementation .
Everything to the front!


  1. Don’t you ashamed when said “Invade” ?Amhara’s are in west Tigray right now & were in the the whole Tgray. Before the they defeated by TDF. the Amhara’s & the cruel heartless issais of Eritrea are main responsible for waging war killing innocent women, children & priests in Tigray. This is Amhara created crisis & abiy is a puppet & issais the grudger.

  2. This is reminiscent of Hitler’s last and desparate call for “resistance” against the Allied liberation armies.

    All fascists want to take the populace with them down the abyss. But these efforts are futile. Fascist forces are always destined to end with humiliating defeats.

    We exactly know where the desparate call for help from regional forces is directed to: to the tyrant of Eritrea, who otherwise is the chief architect and the godfather of the current war of aggression on Tigray. The world shall witness in the next few days what another reckless move he might make this time.

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