Yakob Gebremedhin found guilty of attacking Assena editor in London

On the court steps after Yakob Gebremedhin is given a 16 week suspended jail sentence.

Yakob was additionally:

  • Fined £600
  • Given a 30 day curfew from 7.00 pm to 7.00 am
  • Ordered not to contact his victim in any way for 5 years.

In sentencing Yakob the judge described his planning of the attack as “sinister”. She said it had been carried out in a public place without regard for whom it might have injured – including children.

Speaking after the sentence Amanuel Eyasu expressed his relief at the guilty verdict and thanked the many supporters who came to back him or sent him their good wishes.

Habte Hagos, who supported Amanuel, put out the following statement.

“I am the Chair of Assenna Foundation and leading the legal case with lawyers and CPS on behalf of Amanuel.

I think you now have the sentencing details which as far as Yacob is concerned is that.

But Yacob has admitted a group attack i.e. he had 2 or 3 people involved with him. It is because it is a premeditated group attack that the sentence on Yacob is so serious.

But for us that is not the end of the case. CPS and the police showed the CCTV footage in the court that includes the whole group. But no case was made to bring the other attackers to justice.

I’m therefore this afternoon instructing our lawyers to contact the police and CPS to ask them to identify the other 2 or 3 individuals and demand they are persecuted. My fear is that if they go free this time, they will attack others . They are violent individuals that must be brought to justice and punished for their action so they do not attack others again.

The message I want us to send loud and clear is that if any PFDJ thugs attack any Eritrean we will be on their side and bring the attackers to justice no matter the cost.

Attacks on any one of us is an attack on all of us. We will fight injustice with justice because as patriotic Eritreans we do not believe in attacking our fellow citizens.

Habte Hagos”