What happened to the Tigrayan athletes who wore black

Awlo media reported that Tigrayan athletes who wore black during the opening ceremony of Ethiopian Athletics Championship to show their sadness over events in Tigray have claimed they were forced by youth and sport commission of Tigray interim administration to quit the championship early.

Moreover, they said they were denied per diem for their stay as well as funds for the return trip back to Mekelle.

The athletes claimed that they had been warned not to display anything political prior the event but argued that their display was merely an attempt to show sadness over the tragic situation taking place in Tigray as well as to remember fellow members and a trainer who died as the result of the war.

According to the athletes the interim administration had sent the Tigrayan athletes to participate in the championship primarily as a PR campaign to show Tigray has become stable but their action during the opening show contradicted its design leading to subsequent retributive action.

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