Watch an important debate in the British Parliament and read a briefing on Tigray

On 8 September the UK Parliament will hold a debate on the war and humanitarian situation in Tigray in Westminster Hall.

It will be an important opportunity for Members of Parliament to make their concerns known and for the British government to respond. You should be able to watch it live here. It is due to be between 9.30 am and 11.00 am and is organised in the name of Sarah Champion MP.

You can also read a briefing which has been prepared by the House of Commons Library, which is an independent source of information for Parliament.

Humanitarian situation Tigray HOC Library 2021



  1. The British parliament the should knows that the humanitarian situation crisis in Tigray cause by Abiy Ahmed and his allies the Amhara dictators. Tigray is in starvation no food, Medicn, banking, electric, transportation, internet, clean drinking water and education.
    Abiy Ahmed uses this all as a weapons to genocide the people of Tigray. Abby Ahmed west go bring to justices

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