US Senators urge Mike Pompeo to “engage directly with PM Abiy” for an immediate ceasefire

US Senators have written to the US Secretary of State, calling on him to intervene directly in the Ethiopian conflict.

Full report below.


US Senators appeal to Pompeo




    1. The war is not on tigray its for tigray on the junta tplf. Before you give a comment know the facts.

  1. Mr. Mike thank you for the cocerned on the Tibray civil situation. civilians, children, studets of university, mothers are dying please no internet, no electric no food it is very sad situation.
    3-4 coutries involved for one province to kill, inocent people shame on him. Abiy Ahmed killing for his own people it is bad story. Abiy Ahmed is a friend of Eritrean dictator Isias afeworki is already involved this war including military intervention from Eritrea and u ited arab emirates UAE is using drone bomb civilians are dying evey minutes pls pls mr. mike tell for Abiy Ahmed imidate to stop. he is cheating world with who can not follow the iterational law president dictator of Eritrea who is for 40 year on position no election and now the advisor of Abiy ahmed is isais afewerki.
    pls pls help we need help civilians are dying.
    kind regards (eritrean)

    1. Fuck Pompeo let him solve the crisis on his border and blacks being killed in the USA. Tanks ran Harlem to crush the black panthers. Did Ethiopia open its mouth. Tigray junta must be crushed.

    2. Hey man you have the right to say anything but do you know anything about Ethiopia or Dr Abiy Ahmed? I think you don’t. And also the bombings are in TPLF military bases there is literally no evidence that proves
      civilians are bombed.

  2. It’s going to be over soon stay out of this. We are sick and tired of TPLF’s agenda to divide our country by killing us and they have the audacity to start war and perform genocide so we support and believe in our army to clean this parasitic terrorist.

  3. Egypt should be punished fif fanning the flam es oc war to destabilise the mother of the black race. Don’t give them any water. Change the course of Lake Tana and crush Egypt in the next twenty years. It has become an exisyential threat and wants to be the new colonial master in Africa.

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