US Secretary of State urges PM Abiy to allow “immediate, full, and unhindered humanitarian access” to Tigray

Source: US State Department

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke today with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and emphasized the importance of the U.S.-Ethiopia bilateral relationship.  Secretary Blinken expressed our grave concern about the humanitarian crisis in the Tigray region and urged immediate, full, and unhindered humanitarian access to prevent further loss of life.  The Secretary also reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to Ethiopia’s reform agenda and our support for upcoming national elections, regional peace and security, democracy and human rights, justice and accountability, and economic prosperity for all Ethiopians.



  1. Yes indeed Sir
    WE need “immediate, full, and unhindered humanitarian access” to Tigray!

    PP and its cadres are claiming to have been attacked by untrue media .

    look at the title itself”Horn of Africa Endangered by Untrue Media Attacks on Ethiopia, zehabesha.

    They chose to add the rest of African countries to get attention. Psychologists coined a term for this kind of disorder namely “victim playing”. Seeking attention is one of the major reason that Abiy and his fans take part in playing victim . Usually, this is done to justify the abuse of others and Diffusion of responsibility -refusal of taking responsibility for action or inaction when other bystanders or witnesses are present.

    They cry out loud here and there that crimes are Exaggerated , but doesn’t mean that there are no crimes ?? hence, PP is confessing to have committed atrocities against its own people as if they are aliens . These could lead Victims of those war crimes to deny their ethiopiawinet (disguised amharanized identity) and cut ties with their religious leaders and curches socalled Ethiopian orthodox church leaders and their organizations. These leaders blessed and supported goons and mercenaries who are engaged in genocide in Tigray.

    Religious leaders are mostly siding with incumbent leaders of various political agenda be it ethnic based or some other. This favoritism makes church leaders like those who are now to fall under the category of false prophets

    By siding with Abiy and Eritrea, You are involving in a crime that could potentially endanger your future generation and history .What is the connection between arresting leaders and bombing african heritages based in TIgray , killing innocents going house to house , raping girls and their mothers and other unimaginable crimes?

    you are claiming nonstop that Tigray is part of Ethiopia and we donot need international intervention ???? Many of us never been supporter of TPLF , but your crimes united us than ever!

    For many of us, TPLF is a patron of Tigray and the only defender of Tigray !upon considering savagery against our people, we decided to support TPLF, the only and super qualified defender of Tigray. We will see if you could make great and unified ethiopia -free of corruption, killings and unconditional freedom of press and speech.

  2. Two very stemmed and cherished hopes all humanity await merrily this year are both trumped here in Ethiopia by the autocrat #abiy.
    1. Great scholars all over the world predicted highly 2021 will be the year of peace all over the world. #abiy has trumped this cherished hope of all humanity with unjust war card in #tigrregion.
    2. President Biden in his inauguration speech stated that his Presidential win is not a win for him but a win of equality and justice for all the world. This divine omen cherished by all humanity is trumped by #abiy in an evil scheme card opposed by over majority of Ethiopians.
    • He is replacing the equality based federalism with a so called inequality based unitary system that grants the return of the #amar ethnicity past superiority. He is doing this behind the facade of so the so called Madamar nonsense.
    • At the same instance #abiy has launched un unjust war with a premeditated starvation on all #tigrepeople.

    What a trump on peace, equality and justice – all that humanity cherish so much!!

    To add insult to the injury, #abiy is trying to finance all of the above criminal acts with the western countries aid – the sweat of their peace loving citizens!!

    Thanks Mr. Blinken and the tax payers of America. Your action is saving millions of innocent human lives and puts brakes on tremendous injustices.

    A long marginalized Ethiopian

    #Blinken #tigray #ethiopia #tplf #abiyahmed #tesfagiorgis #biden #eu #england #martinplaut #africa #usa #middleeast #addisstandard #eritereahub #ethiopiainsight #tigrepeople #amhara #somali-ethiopians

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