US ‘directly’ presses Eritrea to withdraw forces from Tigray

Source: Associated Press

US ‘directly’ presses Eritrea to withdraw forces from Tigray


NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The United States says it has directly “pressed senior levels” of Eritrea’s government to immediately withdraw its troops from neighboring Ethiopia, where witnesses have described them looting and hunting down civilians in the embattled Tigray region.

A State Department spokesperson in an email to The Associated Press on Thursday said Washington has conveyed “grave” concerns about credible reports of abuses. There were no details on how officials with Eritrea, one of the world’s most secretive countries, responded.

Eritrea has said little publicly about the conflict in Tigray as Ethiopian soldiers fight forces loyal to the now-fugitive Tigray regional leaders who once dominated Ethiopia’s government for nearly three decades. The Tigray leaders were marginalized after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018, and each side regards the other as illegitimate.

Ethiopia has repeatedly denied the presence of Eritrean soldiers, who some witnesses have estimated in the thousands. Now concerns are growing that the Eritrean forces refuse to leave. Eritrea remains an enemy of the fugitive Tigray leaders after a two-decade border war that ended under Abiy.

Eritrea’s information ministry on Thursday published a statement by the country’s embassy in the U.S. responding to an open letter this week by former U.S. ambassadors to Ethiopia that expressed concern about the Tigray conflict and Eritrea’s involvement.

“The allusion by these ambassadors to potential territorial war between Eritrea and Ethiopia can only be disingenuous in content and vicious in intent,” Eritrea’s statement said, expressing “profound dismay at their provocative and ill-intentioned swipe.”

The Tigray region remains largely cut off from the outside world and Ethiopia has blocked almost all journalists from entering, complicating efforts to verify assertions by the warring sides.

Meanwhile, humanitarian workers have had limited access to the estimated 6 million people in Tigray as food and other supplies run short and concerns about starvation grow.

The situation is “deteriorating every day, every minute,” the president of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society, Ato Abera Tola, told reporters on Thursday as Red Cross entities appealed for more financial support. “There is no area which is not affected by this conflict … the conflict is everywhere.”

The Ethiopia head of delegation for the International Committee for the Red Cross, Katia Sorin, said they still had not been able to reach rural areas of Tigray, a largely agricultural region. The ICRC is one of the few international organizations to maintain its operations in Tigray after fighting began.

“We’re helping, but it’s a drop in the ocean of need,” Sorin said.


  1. The USA is a shameless hypocritical society with 595,000 of its own black citizens in prison, some for stealing their own properties. One black man was in prison for 35 years because a white woman dreamt he raped her. Tigray rebels must be crushed and quickly; this what happens in war and Ethiopia and Eritrea are independent countries. I had no idea they had elected racist Biden as president of their countries.

    1. You comment about the new Baiden Administration is absurd and despicable. You are obviously an accomplice in the genocide being perpetrated against the people of Tigray. You must be quaking as you are well aware of the magnitude of the war crimes you have committed for which you will be held accountable soon. The accusations against the Baiden Administration is pretty rich coming from a subservient individual to a cowardly leader who was so scared of the TPLF that he begged Eritrea among others to intervene and gave it a free rein to slaughter the people of Tigray. This is the most heinous and egregious crime a government of a country can commit against its own people. This crime is unprecedented in its brutality and cruelty anywhere at any time in history. You think your cowardly tyrant and you can crush TPLF? It has been nearly three months and your forces are being annihilated. How many more countries are you going to ask for help? You know South Sudan has rejected your request and Somalia will not give you any more troops? You are so desperate that I wouldn’t put it past you to ask the United Nations to contribute troops to help you fight the TPLF? Is something you are proud of and are bragging about?

    2. How depraved and shameless are you to justify, abet and egg on the two deranged tyrants to commit more genocide against the people of Tigray? You must be an accomplice in the genocide dreading the new American Administration as you know you won’t get away.

    3. Ok. You know #ethiopia & #eriterea are independant countries. Very intellegent. But…
      Do you know they are waging a #genocide on #tigrepeople and black citizens incarcerated in #usa has nothing to do with them?
      Do you know these people you call shameless pay your bill – 50% of what #abiy calls budget is alms ?

      #eritera will be kicked out by hook or crook. Then we see how you #amhara are gonna crush #tigrepeople – no other ethiopian are coming to your aid!

      I can’t waite to see !

    4. Just because your family have a problem at home it doesn’t mean you don’t intervene when you see a Neoughbor being raped?

  2. I want to thank this Hub for being the voice of the voiceless for quite a long period. Paul has from the very beginning disclosed the lies of Abiy and Isais. These two are good examples of psychic and sadist character. They punish any one who disobeys and they enjoy the sufferings.
    What disturbed my mind is the fact that most of the Ethiopians and in particular the Amharas were denying and rebuffing the observations and the disturbing data that was coming out from Tigray. They seem to be dehumanized in the same way as Abiy and Isaias. How can the people of Tigray live with their old landsmen of Ethiopia. Some like Ryot chanel and 360 media have lately started to report what the international media has done since quite the beginning

    1. The Amharas were denying and rebuffing the observations because here is what they are.

      “The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie–deliberate, contrived and dishonest–but the myth–persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” – John F. Kennedy (Commencement address, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, June 11, 1962) “.

  3. Amhara and higdef are angry at the action that Biden’s adminstration . Amhara elites are accusing everyone. Eritreans are stealing spoons, baby diaper and other tiny utensils.

    eritreans are now overwhelmed with fear and shame and they will be suffering from a psychological disorder pertaining to this war crime that their people committed .

    Tigray shall prevail, Sudan will not give an inch from its territory . We are not ethiopians anymore but Tegaru . Tigray will officially be soon a Country . President Joe Biden should act swiftly.
    Where is UNSC, UN , EU, IGAD, AU, and humanitarian agencies when millions starve to death under communication blackout ? Do their action limited to issuing letters bearing warnings They must act as soon as possible , if we have to witness their exclusive authority and magnitude of their authorization over the state members and world .

  4. We thank USA for pressing the ignorant Eritrean leaders to leave to pull their savage soldiers out of our land.

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