URGENT: Report of mass arrests of Tigrayans – warning of impending massacre

I have been sent this. I am unable to confirm the report, but if true it is extremely serious.


Incident: Today Nov 20, 2021, in the morning at 6 am CET, the Amhara Fano went on a house to house search to hunt after ethnic Tigrayan residents of Humera town.
They forced everyone to leave their homes, and forcefully put them on trucks. At midday, the trucks started traveling towards the Tekeze River. When I got a desperate call at 12:35 CET, the caller told me that the trucks had already arrived at a town called Adigoshu and were heading towards the Tekeze River.
Tigrayan bodies washed up after being executed

We all know what has been being committed at the Tekeze River for several months now – innocent civilians were tied in groups and dumped to the flood, shot dead and dumped to the river, their body parts cut and then thrown to the river, … many bodies have been recovered by volunteer diversat the Tekeze River  downstream in the Sudanese soil. 

So, the same massacre is imminent now. If the int’l bodies cannot intervene now immediately, then a fresh Humera Massacre is imminent.
Please let’s rescue these innocent people who are being demonised only because of their Tigrayan identity.
This is a genocidal action. Please help now, not tomorrow!
Number of trucks:  twenty one, all of them full of ethnic Tigrayans, from babies to elders
Caller’s identity: a Tigrayan who is originally from Humera but managed to flee to Sudan

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