Update from two Eritrean refugee camps in Tigray

The UNHCR camps at Adi Harush and Mai Ayni are still insecure, with no police, guards or soldiers protecting them.  No humanitarian NGOs are currently present either.
Soap and other sanitary items are lacking.
There are no medical supplies or support. Malaria has become a serious problem at both camps, with no treatment available.
WFP has delivered rudimentary foodstuffs some days ago; but as usual, the grain arrived un-ground.
The camp residents are charged by a local mill to grind it, but they report that they have no money to pay for the service.
Many of the refugees are feeling in great distress.
The situation in the refugee camps at Shimelba and Hitsats is still unknown.
Adi Harush is estimated to house about 14,000 people now, but that number cannot be confirmed under current conditions. It housed over 32,000 refugees at the end of October.
[Information as per Saturday evening. UNHCR data from October 2020 below]

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