UN Concerns for Eritrean refugees trapped in Tigray

Source: New York Times

A senior United Nations official said it had become extremely difficult to travel inside Tigray, forcing the organization to suspend food distributions to vast camps along the border with Eritrea that house thousands of refugees.
Some humanitarian workers were stuck outside the regional capital, Mekelle, as they waited for clearance to travel from Tigray, said the official, who spoke anonymously because he was not authorized to speak publicly.
Ann Encontre, head of the U.N. refugee agency’s branch in Ethiopia, said operations to assist asylum seekers had been badly affected in Tigray. “You can’t go in and out of the region, and the air traffic has stopped,” she said.
The government says its operation is targeted at Tigray’s leaders and not ordinary citizens.


  1. I think their is things you have to check rather than depending such ordinary talking. I have seen trusted TV show while my peoples around their talking things going like respecting Tgrian people’s! from this I want to conclude every things are going well only targeting which had been said “Banda” who is the responsible for such war and damage I said this I have been lookingthe petance while this team is doing some damage so many part of the country targating collapsing the bigining of democratization in Ethiopia.

  2. The war in Ethiopia is a tragedy in the extreme. Ethiopians should sit round a table and amicably solve their differences as they always have done until Baby Abiy became the stooge of Isias.

    Baby Abiy was fooled and flattered when deceitful Isias told him in 2018 ‘you are our leader now”. What Isias meant was “I am the leader and you are trapped”. Novice and naive Baby Abiy of course couldn’t put 2 and 2 together and simply accepted Isias’ words at face value. That is the root cause of this war and unnecessary instability for Ethiopia. Let’s hope it doesn’t result in Ethiopia’s fragmentation into a thousand pieces.

    One thing is certain: the Tigrayan people will be the winners as they always do. Their strength is their unity under the solid leadership of the TPLF. May it long continue.

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