The beginning of the end for the PFDJ in Norway

300 Norwegian Eritreans are happy and proud to be part of an historic event. They believe that this victory is the beginning of the end of PFDJ.

For 20 years, Eritreans have been blackmailed for money by the dictator in Eritrea via associations that collaborate with the regime.
There are close to 30,000 Eritreans living in Norway today. The report “Pressure and Control” by Norwegian the government shows that the Norwegian-Eritreans have been controlled and divided via regime-friendly churches and associations.
“The Eritrean association in Oslo and the surrounding areas” is a good example of this.
They rented Ekeberghallen and invited a so-called cultural Eritrean Festival on 3 September. But the Festival was canceled by the Oslo Eritrean Association after protests from angry Eritrean youth.
The Eritrean Festival has been cancelled by angry youths in all 7 cities the organisation has visited in Europe!
Their festival has been labelled a “HateFestival” because they talk and sing political propaganda in favour of the dictatorship in Eritrea; for Putin’s war in Ukraine, and also make hateful statements against Tigray and against regime-critical Eritreans!
“Enough is Enough”, is what young people are now chanting. They managed to flee across the Mediterranean with their lives at stake. But In the EU and Norway, they were found by associations and churches praising the dictator they had fled from and and a festival and that pays tribute to Putin for the war in Ukraine. This must end!
MP Ola Elvestuen (Liberal) met about 300 Eritrean young people from Tromsø, Bodø, Trondheim, Ålesund, Bergen, Stavanger, Southern Norway and Eastern Norway!
Norway: 300 Eritreans protest against PFDJ Festival September 2022
In a passionate speech to the young Eritreans he explained that he had sent written questions to Minister of Justice Emilie Enger Mehl. But the answer he received was that the Minister of Justice could do no more than ask Eritreans who had problems to ask to the police for help.  He thought this was a weak reply and Elvestuen says he will follow up the matter in the Storting (Parlement) in the autumn.
Then there was a victory rally on the stairs at Jernbanetorget!
Ole Elvestuen believed that this expulsion of a Hatfestival in Norway and the EU marks a “time difference and is only the beginning to a better future for the Eritreans in Norway and the EU”. Eritreans applauded and many know they have made a new friend in the Parliament.
In the evening, the whole group celebrated for this historic event with Eritrean music food and dance! “This is the beginning of the end,” they say.
Now Pfdj – the dictator’s long arm into Norway will be crushed with the help of the power of the Storting (parliament), say the 300 victorious Eritrean youths.


  1. I am thankful for the work which have been done by the Eritrean Youth and Norwegian friends, Well done. But i am really conserned by the answers of Minister of Justice Emilie Enger Mehl, indirectly she is supporting for the politically motivated festival. Really shame to hear such answer from political figures.

  2. Yes. It is one measure forward in the struggle for liberation and democracy.It is not a cultural festival but it is a war propoganda intended for farther bloodshed between Eritrea and Tigray. We need paece and security, not a war.
    Farther more, the Eritrean dictatorial regime should be a countable for all the atrocities and Genocide which have been already done and being continued once again. No more dictatorial long arms in Europe.

  3. There is one thing that boggles my mind. How is it possible for western nations like Norway to give asylum to Eritreans and Ethiopians who support the regimes they flew from? After they get asylum they immediately become proxies to intimidate other authentic migrants. This is absurd.

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