UAE Calls on Ethiopian Parties to End Fighting, Resume Dialogue

Source: Bloomberg

By , 22 November 2020, 17:25 GMT

The United Arab Emirates called on Ethiopian leaders to return to talks and end a military conflict that’s pitting the country’s central government against the dissident northern Tigray state, the UAE’s official news agency WAM reported.

UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed “stressed the need to return and implement the rule of law” in Ethiopia, which is “key to security and stability in the Horn of Africa and the region,” WAM reported on Sunday.

The minister said the UAE has been in contact with many of its partners in Africa and the region to help put an end to the conflict by peaceful means, according to the statement.

The hostilities in Ethiopia erupted on Nov. 4 after months of tension between the federal and regional governments and have triggered a humanitarian crisis.

Tigrayan authorities say 100,000 people have been displaced, and the United Nations has warned that an additional 1.1 million people may need aid. No official figures of the number of people who’ve been killed are available.


  1. It easy for two party if they think for people rather than they being for their authority. Spetialy the TPLF has to sacrifice him self for his nation in democratic manner rather than rigid only on his point of view focusing to sustenance of his authority. Unless they came to point giving their hand to federal government their talking to international community is nothing.B/C some will remember what was happening opposition B/n federal and Tigray regional state in the past two year which was the basic cause of the coming of Prime Minister of Abiy which is paving the way of democratization in the country.

    1. Wow how could you be so ignorant and call that evel dictator a democrat! Well I can see how your pocket is full of money by supporting bloodsucker Abiy! He is probably worst than Hitler but time and conditions doesn’t allow him.

  2. We know that UAE behind the war in #Tigray by supporting the war lord and dictator Isayas of Eritrea and newbie dictator Abyi. Many innocent Tigreans have died and flee their homes to seek refuge in sudan. Yet Tigray towns are under airstrike attack backed by UAE drones operating from Eritrea coast. So the call by UAE to de-escalate the war in Ethiopia is nothing than an act of pretendership of care to civilian. But on the contrary, the content comes out crystal clear that UAE supports the war under the “theme of law enforcement” which is equivalent to #genocide. This call is therefore aimed to defend the Tigrai peoples accusations for interfering in Ethiopia war and for take part in #genocide act against Tigrean. Yet, the call reaffirms UAE continueing fuelling the war to strengthen its allience with the two dictators, who care nothing about the existence of their peoples, at the expense of peoples of Tigray. Now UAE has proved itself to be the lifetime enemy of Tigray and Ethiopia(soon) that we will retaliate through diplomacy in the future. UAE should keep its hands-off Ethiopia (internal )business as said by the so-called PM. UAE should first and foremost respond to the accusations presented by TPLF else “silence amounts acceptance”.

  3. $stopTheWar inTigray There is no victory as we are loosing Ethiopians on both sides. Civilians stuck with out power, water, medicine, and communication letting their families worrying. Hundreds dead and over 30,000 flee their home in three weeks. The more this continued, the more we are going to lose innocent civilians lives adding to the pandemic. Regardless of which side wins, it is a lose lose situation!
    I hope UAE’s and the international community call for peace will get answer and stop this tragedy.

  4. The current war in Ethiopia is the war carried out between Tigre and Amhara to dominate Economic and political power of Ethiopia by allinating the rest of Ethiopian Nations and Nationalities.

  5. Abiy is not the right man to govern Ethiopia the man is without mercy these wounds will never heal it deeper than the eye can see

    1. The waging war in Ethiopia is between two dominant ethnicities ,thr Amhara and Tigray who use to enslave the rest of majority so let them prey on each other.The rule of Ethiopia should be for the
      majority who has to raise to free themselves of long time colonialism from these two vicious ethnicities. The intervention of UAE drones from the ruthless regime of Bin Zayed is meaningless and stupidity.

  6. I believe this is an evil war which we have ever experienced and it doesn’t bring any benefit to
    either to priminster or to the nation but only a deep new hostility among Ethiopians especially the amhara and tigre ethnic communities.

  7. It is easy to say that Abiy has to lead the current Ethiopia, b/c their is black shadow of Ethiopian politics which Ethinic based fedelasim who made nationalism up on it Ethinicity , so it takes time national popularising through democratization like what Abiy is doing now discussion and idealization has to come first b/c coinciding Ethiopia up on one central force like what tewdros the second made were the central Government made in Ethiopia for the first time.

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