TPLF Accuses Eritrea of Plotting to Disrupt Elections in Tigray Region

Source: Ezega News

By Staff Reporter

Debretsion-electionsJuly 21, 2020 ( — The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) accused the Eritrean government of joining forces with Addis Ababa and regional government to disrupt the planned elections in Tigray region next August.

Briefing Journalists on Monday, TPLF chairman and deputy president of the Tigray region, Debretsion Gebremichael said TPLF witnessed provocation from the federal government of Ethiopia to “disrupt the election,” and called on the people in the region to stand united and repel possible attacks.

“Tigray region will be a burial ground for those forces which are attempting to obstruct the election,” Debretsion warned.

According to the TPLF chair, there have been noticeable activities “near the region’s border and bordering areas” that are intended to impede the election.

“Armed men are roaming in border areas and trying to mobilize the public to boycott the election,” he added.

“Tigray region will conduct the elections as per the schedule by taking experiences from countries that conducted elections amid coronavirus infections,” Debretsion said.

Debretsion also blamed the federal government of conspiring economic sabotage against the Tigray region by blocking roads linking to other regions and disrupting the teaching and learning process by shutting down internet connections.

Debretsion made the statement after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed paid a visit to Asmara where he also visited Sawa, the country’s main military training ground.

Yemane Geberemeskel, Eritrea’s Information Minister, tweeted that the leaders reviewed the progress achieved and obstacles encountered in the past two years in the implementation of the historic peace deal in July 2018.

“The two sides agreed to further bolster the prevailing, all-rounded, cooperation between the two countries,” said Yemane in a statement posted.

Addressing the parliament, Prime Minister Abiy warned his government will not tolerate any attempt to conduct an election in any part of Ethiopia.

Debretsion said business establishments owned by ethnic Tigray investors are being attacked as the government continues firing several ethnic Tigray people who were working in federal offices.

The deputy president also accused Addis Ababa of detaining officials of the Tigray region and shutting down Tigray TV and  Demtse Weyane TV.

Earlier, the federal police arrested TPLF members including Tewolde Debretsadik, Atsbeha Alemayehu and Tesfalem Yidego, Law and Justice Research Center Director in the rank of State Minister for alleged transferring of national affairs for foreign terrorists.


  1. We will stand with our brothers and sisters of Tigray no matter what. Anyone who lifts a finger against Tigray lifts a finger against the Eritrean people. We will do all we can to help them from within Eritrea and in diaspora, including raising funds.

    There is no way the Eritrean people will side with the Amhars – that we leave to the traitor Isias. The Amhars were the very people who used chicken wires to strangle our people almost nightly. I know we had problems between Tigray and Eritrea too but that was a quarrel between brothers.

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