Tigray’s president, Debretsion Gebremichael message to the Ethiopian people

Message of Dr. Debretsion to the people of Ethiopia

Source Dimtsi Weyane, 15/07/21

Honored people of Ethiopia:

The Tigray people has been experiencing severe crimes and injustice at the hands of the Ethiopian national defense forces, Eritrean army, Special Forces and militia of the Amhara Region, and other foreign forces. Even worse, a package of destruction, aiming to exterminate the Tigray people through the bullet, starvation and horrible sexual violation, has been conceived and implemented in a coordinated manner on Tigray people for the past 8 months.

However, the people of Tigray, is not one whose morale is crushed, bows its head and submits in fear due to the injustices inflicted on it. Instead, the injustices have motivated it for even more struggle and thus, the people of Tigray, wherever they are, rose up as one person,  fought with its enemies with high determination and by paying sacrifices, has started to taking back its rights. And it will continue its struggle to take back all its rights unscraped.

One of the [crimes] that were committed during the past 8 months was trespassing the constitution and the occupation of places which the Tigray government had been administering. Although the criminals, who have controlled the area through force and arrogance, were told to leave and return to where they came from, they refused being confident of their own might and had been preparing for severe destruction. Even now, we are repeatedly saying that you should immediately leave the territories you have forcefully taken. If not, we will secure our rights through our struggle as we had been doing during the past 8 months.

The people of Tigray has never categorically classified any people as enemy. The people of Tigray has not been the enemy of Amhara yesterday; nor is it the enemy of Amhara today; nor will it be the enemy of Amhara tomorrow. However, those in power and who desperately hold on to power, [and] not seeking to relinquish it, are getting Amhara people into severe danger and destruction. The people has to protest and struggle [against them] saying “there shouldn’t be any life which should be sacrificed for the sake of the power hungry and the opportunists”.

Other Ethiopians too, should play your part by requesting those who inflicted injustices and crimes in the course of the war in Tigray. Apart from that, you shouldn’t participate in the second round of preparations for destruction and exterminations in order to defeat the Tigray people’s struggle, which couldn’t get defeated even with invited involvement of foreign invading force. Our message is that you should refuse being part of [this attack]; you should say ‘it is enough’ and engage in a struggle that would be beneficial to you and your history.

Thank you

The message of Fighter Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, president of Tigray government to Ethiopian people”, Dimtsi Weyane, 15/07/21


  1. Thank you Dr. Debretsion!
    Only with your leadership of peace, hard work, respect, love and Faith in GOD can we prosper in the same peace, hard work, respect and love not only for one another in our Free Independent Tigray!
    GOD bless you, GOD bless Tigray, GOD bless all who have suffered so much throughout Tigray for the last 254 days, GOD bless all Tigrayans who sought refuge in Sudan and elsewhere, GOD bless all who have who have helped Tigray, GOD bless Tigrayans in diaspora, GOD bless all who come to Tigray in peace, and last but not least: GOD bless our heroes TDF – ‘ayni ni ‘ayni kinra’e AMLAKH yagannyenna! Amien!

  2. I am from Rwanda. Ethiopians, they said we came from Abyssinia, and they threw our corpses into the rivers so we should float back where we came from. We may look like you, and maybe you are our our kith and kin, but we cannot bring ourselves to believe that you have turned into Hutu killers and perpetrating unspeakable atrocities of genocide and especially engaging in wanton mass rape of our beautiful sisters in Tigray. I suppose you never were properly colonised, so you act like children. Africa had such great hope of you.

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