Tigray War and Regional Implications Volume 2 – with maps and illustrations

The full report – with maps and illustrations can be found here in PDF format.

The Tigray War and Regional Implications (Volume 2) Final



  1. I know reasonable comments like this one are not accepted here. Just trying if any thing changed.
    Always playing victim. Now it is the whole horn of Africa against Tigrai. The question of why is not raised among the blind supporters and paid members of TPLF. Why is TPLF Tigrai supremacists started the war with aggression against their own people and their neighbors. This is the solid fact that is well documented, despite the denial and a new victimhood theory.

    1. Reasonable comments are indeed always welcome. But you simply couldn’t have read the full report to make any constructive criticism at this stage.

      With respect, I suggest you read the report first. The report is written by experts of the highest calibre that respect each individual life be it Amaha, Tigrayan, Eritrean, Ethiopian and indeed others.

      As a contributor to the dossier, I would I welcome constructive criticisms.

      Do please take time to read all the 243 pages and then let us know in half a dozen bullet points where you think we have failed.

      Our ultimate aim is to be honest and fair in all that we do.

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